THE EVERGLADES: A Sub-Tropical Paradise

Running Time:  80 Minutes
There is no place on the planet like the Everglades.  It is where two great biomes of life meet - the tropical and the temperate mid-latitude, which makes up much of the continental United States.  Plants and animals from each coalesce in the Everglades to produce a sub-tropical tapestry of ecosystems that is unmatched anywhere in the world.  Enjoy breath-taking aerial views as you soar over hundreds of acres of amazing landscapes.  Discover the mystery and wonder of our national parks first-hand through in-depth interviews with the park rangers.  Ground tours take you through the park just as if you were there yourself.  Spanning over 60 miles it is the widest river in the world.  It has been described as a river of grass…this wonderland of life is a subtropical paradise that mystifies the mind and nurtures the soul.  


Running Time:  69 Minutes
Nestled in the heart of America’s Great Plains is contrasting tastes of a sacred land that beckons the visitor to enter the nation's mysterious and glorious west.  A land of soaring pinnacles, deep canyons, hidden caves, national monuments and countless wildlife sanctuaries.  It is also the place of the inglorious death of famed gunslinger, Wild Bill Hickok and the most sacred spot for the Lakota Sioux.  Enjoy breath taking aerial views, and amazing tours with park rangers.  Discover the wonder and awe of these contrasting tastes of the West, one soaring, rich in forests and water and the other barren and deeply eroded, are brought together by a shared geology and history.  They are the Gateway to the Great American West.  They are the Black Hills and the Badlands

YOSEMITE: The High Sierras

Running Time:  71 Minutes
The Sierra Nevada's mountain range contains some of the most amazing wonders found on the planet. Filled with such notable geographic features including Lake Tahoe, three National Parks, two National Monuments and seemingly endless wilderness areas, the Sierras are truly spectacular in ever-sense of the word.    Rich in history and known as the place of the gold discovery, the home of modern mountain climbing and the birthplace of America's national parks system, this modern marvel is over 100 million years in the making.  This is Yosemite country.   

THE GRAND CANYON: A Wonder of the Natural World

Running Time:  80 Minutes
The Colorado Plateau spans more than the states of New York, Illinois, Georgia and Virginia combined.  Amidst all that landscape is one special gift for the human soul - of all its features none is more profound, more spectacular than the eighth wonder of the world: The Grand Canyon.    To understand the awe-inspiring beauty is present in this one particular region of the planet, this thrilling exploration uncovers the geology of the Colorado Plateau and the forces that have shaped this marvelous landscape.    

YELLOWSTONE:  The World’s First National Park

Running Time:  68 Minutes

On March 1, 1872 President Ulysses Grant signed into existence the world's first national park, Yellowstone National Park. The 2.2 million acres of wilderness is the only complete mid-latitude ecosystem left on the planet.  It’s the only remaining temperate ecosystem large enough to contain the entire collection of large predators and large enough to contain their prey. Yellowstone country is the American equivalent of the African plains.    

THE GREAT SMOKEY MOUNTAINS:  Crown Jewel of the Appalachians

Running Time:  76 Minutes
Great Smoky Mountain National Park rests in the geographic province known as the Blue Ridge Mountains, named for their distinctive blue appearance when seen from a distance. The park covers over 500,000 acres of breath-taking beauty, filled with lush highland meadows, glorious waterfalls, pristine mountain streams, the highest mountain tops in the Appalachians and, to crown it all, it encompasses one of the most biologically diverse ecosystems in the world.    Witness the richness and wonder in this vivid exploration of the Great Smoky Mountains, the Crown Jewel of the Appalachian Mountains