In WIth The Flynns
Season 1 Synopses
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Episode #102 "Wild At Heart"


 Caroline arrives home to find Jim in a state of panic. He's found a fake driving license belonging to 15-year old Chloe. As Jim points out, even Lewis Hamilton had to wait until he was 17. Chloe's not answering her phone, but Liam goes onto her computer - a serious violation of privacy - and discovers that she's going to a flash party. Meanwhile, Caroline lets slip that Jim's footballing idol Colin Bell is staying in the hotel where she works. Initially reluctant to allow Jim back to the hotel after his previous €˜bad' (read: €˜drunken') behaviour there, she relents and gives him Mr Bell's room number. Liam and Tommy set off to find Chloe and bring her home. Jim heads out to meet his hero. All three are in for a whopping surprise!  

Liam FLynn:
Will Mellor
Caroline Flynn:
Niky Wardley
Tommie Flynn:
Craig Parkinson
Chloe Flynn:
Orla Poole
Mikey Flynn:
Lorenzo Rodriguez
Steve Flynn:
  Daniel Rogers
Jim Flynn:
Warren Clarke
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