In WIth The Flynns
Season 1 Synopses
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Episode #103 "Santorini"


 Liam and Caroline are doing extra shifts at work to save up for a holiday. Rather than the usual cramped caravan in rainy North Wales, this year they want to go to Santorini. But their increased absence is having detrimental effects on the kids. Chloe has got a piercing in her tongue and an attitude to match - "You'll just have to get used to it!"  Mikey has been eating food from bins! `˜They just leave it out at the back of Bob's bakery.'   Steve has had a run-in with the school bully. With Liam and Caroline overstretched, Tommy fills the breach with his own idiosyncratic brand of parenting.  Meanwhile, Jim has met a woman out at car-boot sales. She seems perfect for him, but there's just one hitch: Caroline's sure she is in fact a nun. Why is she interested in Jim, and can they warn him before it's too late? 

Liam FLynn:
Will Mellor
Caroline Flynn:
Niky Wardley
Tommie Flynn:
Craig Parkinson
Chloe Flynn:
Orla Poole
Lorenzo Rodriguez
  Daniel Rogers
Jim Flynn:
Warren Clarke
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