In WIth The Flynns
Season 1 Synopses
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Episode #104 "The Birthday Treat"


 It's Caroline's birthday, and Liam's taking her to see Mamma Mia at the Palace Theatre. Except he's not. On his way back from getting the kids something to eat, he saw Chloe snogging the neighbours' son Wayne in their car. He lost control and threw a milkshake at the windscreen. Now he's worried that he's messed up Chloe's first romance, and he won't leave the house until he sets matters straight. Caroline's desperate to get to the show - - until she finds out that there's more to Chloe's snog than meets the eye.   Jim meanwhile tries combining babysitting Mikey and Steve with a spot of child labour... 

Liam FLynn:
Will Mellor
Caroline Flynn:
Niky Wardley
Tommie Flynn:
Craig Parkinson
Chloe Flynn:
Orla Poole
Mikey Flynn:
Lorenzo Rodriguez
Steve Flynn:
  Daniel Rogers
Jim Flynn:
Warren Clarke
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