In WIth The Flynns
Season 1 Synopses
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Episode #105 "Whistleblowing"


 Tommy's been staying on the Flynns' couch, lying low to avoid a psychopathic girlfriend he's just split up with. He thinks she's stalking him so he's told her he's gone to Bologna. Faced with the prospect of Tommy living in his front room for weeks, Liam makes a secret call to ‚€˜Psycho Sarah', and tells her where she can find her prey‚€¶ Mikey has been misbehaving, calling kids 'losers' in the street. It's all because Jim insisted he join the football team, although he had no talent for it. Jim then became ref and cheated to let Mikey's team win. Liam tells Jim to sort out the monster he's created. Meanwhile Caroline plans to turn the tables on a mum who always seems to get out of her turn to take Steve and his friend swimming.   

Liam FLynn:
Will Mellor
Caroline Flynn:
Niky Wardley
Tommie Flynn:
Craig Parkinson
Chloe Flynn:
Orla Poole
Mikey Flynn:
Lorenzo Rodriguez
Steve Flynn:
  Daniel Rogers
Jim Flynn:
Warren Clarke
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