In WIth The Flynns
Season 1 Synopses
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Episode #106 "Guitar"


 Liam has inherited 750, but instead of paying for Chloe's school ski trip he's bought himself a Les Paul guitar. She's furious with him - and his ˜stupid Les Dennis guitar."'   Caroline, Tommy and Jim all bet that Liam's eventually going cave in, take the guitar back, and give Chloe the ski trip. But this time, Liam vows to be strong!   Mikey walks in on his parents having sex. However, a source of embarrassment for Caroline is a source of pride for Liam,“ he can't stop telling people about it. Jim's been comforting his best friend Brian ("vice captain of the dominoes team"), whose wife Jackie has left him because he's too boring.  Jim encourages Brian to let Jackie go, then reveals to Tommy that he intends to make a move on Jackie himself! 

Liam FLynn:
Will Mellor
Caroline Flynn:
Niky Wardley
Tommie Flynn:
Craig Parkinson
Chloe Flynn:
Orla Poole
Mikey Flynn:
Lorenzo Rodriguez
Steve Flynn:
  Daniel Rogers
Jim Flynn:
Warren Clarke
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