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Episode #101 "That 80s Pilot"


It's San Diego, 1984. In the Club Piranha, Sophia and Corey are dancing with their respective male and female partners. Corey observes that this is rather awkward, but Sophia says not at all. They've broken up; they really weren't right for each other; it's time to move on. At home the next morning Corey announces the breakup to his sister Katie, who's busy making candles. His dad, RT, announces that he's split from their mother too. Even though it was two years ago, RT still loves saying it. RT's proud that Katie's making candles; she's his little entrepreneur. RT knows that Corey feels lost with his "worthless" degree in philosophy, while Katie's on her way to being a big wheel in candles. Corey doesn't agree. Katie offers to fix Corey up with one of her friends. Sophia wasn't right for him, since she's a lesbian. Corey corrects Katie; Sophia's bi-sexual. Roger enters carrying three almost identical red ties. He asks which is the most effective power tie. Corey can't believe they're having this conversation. Roger asks if Corey can give him a ride. He ran down his battery the night before when he left the dome light on while grooming his hair at Club Berlin. RT offers Katie three hundred dollars to stop making her candles. They smell terrible. As Roger rides to work, he spritzes his hair and then pops in a motivational tape. Corey says he's embarrassed to be seen with Roger. Roger feels the same way about Corey, but they're still best friends. At Permanent Record, the record store where Corey works, Corey tells Margaret, the owner, that he's sorry he's late. Margaret is busy putting down customers whose taste in music offends her. She also spends a lot of time reminiscing about her past when she hung out with big-name rock stars like Jim Morrison. Corey says he just wants to make music; he has no time for the corporate droid thing. Tuesday, sporting a black mohawk . Corey starts making fun of her before Margaret can let him know that she's the new employee. Tuesday and Corey exchange barbs, and Margaret observes that Corey steps in it a lot. Sophia shows up at Katie's to drop off some of Corey's tapes and tells Katie that she's met someone who she can't stop thinking about. Katie assumes it's a guy, but Sophia leans over and gives her a kiss. It's Katie, who couldn't feel more awkward. At Permanent Record, Corey and Tuesday are continuing to spar when RT walks in. He offers Corey a job at his marketing firm working on the new Gut Whacker campaign. Tuesday thinks Corey should take the job. He has Gut Whacker written all over him. Katie, Roger and Corey are on the couch watching television. They're doing "Dynasty" shots. You only do a shot when someone gets slapped. Katie breaks the news to Corey about Sophia. Roger thinks it's the hottest thing he's ever heard. He wants details. Roger tells Corey he should take the job that RT has offered him. Corey reluctantly agrees. He's sick of being broke. Welcome to Reagan's America, Roger says. Katie tells Corey not to worry about the band (Katie, Corey and a Casio); she'll keep everyone together. At Club Berlin, after his first day at work, Corey tells Roger that after four hours he wanted to kill himself. Roger offers to loan Corey his motivational tapes. Sophia apologizes to Katie and says she hopes they can still be friends. In the alley behind Permanent Record, Corey encounters Tuesday, but this time her hair is down.

Glenn Howerton
Tinsley Grimes
Eddie Shin
Chyler Leigh
Brittany Daniel
Geoff Pierson
Margaret Smith
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