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Episode #102 "Corey's Remix"


Corey, Roger and Katie are at Club Berlin. Sophia comes over and hands them a flier about "animal print night" that's happening tomorrow. Sophia's friends with the DJ, and she's helping him throw a big party. Katie suggests that maybe Sophia can play some of Corey's music, but Sophia says it's a dance club, not a question life club. Corey tells them that if he wanted his music played there, it would be. The next day, Corey's rehearsing when RT comes in. RT thinks Corey's music stinks, but Katie says they need to be supportive. Corey's songs are thoughtful, complicated and unmarketable, says Katie, but that doesn't mean they're not good. Roger comes in and says he's a little tense about his upcoming meeting with his boss; his sales suck. RT tells him about a kid who barged into his office to present him with an idea. RT asks Corey about his date with the punk girl at work. Corey corrects him. It wasn't a date; they had coffee. Roger points out that Corey's a musician, and Tuesday likes music. Corey's in! At Permanent Record, Corey mentions that a bunch of people are going to Club Berlin that night. Tuesday tells him to back off; they just had coffee. Why is Corey hitting on her? Corey gets it and hastens to agree that it was just coffee and meant nothing to him either. Roger meets with his boss and tries the bold idea approach that RT talked about. He immediately gets fired. At Permanent Record, Corey and Tuesday continue to snipe at each other. Corey asks Margaret what they're going to do about Tuesday. Sleep with her, maybe? responds Margaret. That night, Roger has on his zebra pants and is ready to party. Never mind that he's just been fired. Corey, Katie and Roger are at Club Berlin. Katie chats up the DJ and buys him a drink. She distracts him and slips one of Corey's tapes into the player. She's extremely pleased with herself. When Corey hears his song, he's shocked and horrified. At Permanent Record, Margaret and Tuesday are discussing Corey. Tuesday says Corey's whole bourgeois bohemian thing pisses her off, but Margaret observes that Tuesday's drawn to him like an eighth grader to Madonna. Margaret suggests that Tuesday go to the club and see what's happening. Back at Club Berlin, Roger, who's pretty drunk, tells Sophia that it's all over for him. He's gonna end up living in a dumpster. Sophia couldn't be less sympathetic. Corey follows Katie into the women's room demanding to know what she did to his song. The song is special to Corey and personal! Katie protests that she was just granting his wish to have his music played here. She just made a few additions to turn it into dance music. Was the cow bell too much? A little later, Corey runs into Tuesday, who has just arrived. His song plays again, and he's mortified. He quickly explains to Tuesday that it is his song, but his sister Whamified it. Tuesday admits that it could be worse. It actually wouldn't suck if you took out all the beeps and bells and whistles. And the next day Roger informs RT that his advice got Roger fired. What advice? asks RT. He fired the mouthy kid with the idea.

Glenn Howerton
Tinsley Grimes
Eddie Shin
Chyler Leigh
Brittany Daniel
Geoff Pierson
Margaret Smith
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