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Episode #103 "Tuesday Comes Over"


Katie has become an environmentalist and is busy stocking the house with ecologically safe toilet paper and other planet friendly items. She scolds Corey about the plastic disposable razors he uses. At Permanent Record, Tuesday asks Corey if he has a lot of roommates. Corey, going with it, says yes. Tuesday says she got sick of living with a lot of people and got a smaller place of her own. Tuesday insults a customer, Corey chimes in. The two actually begin to bond a little over their dislike of yuppies. Corey asks what's wrong with living simply. All you need is a roof over your head and a light to read by. Katie tries of educate RT about recycling, but it doesn't compute. Roger's stressing about making his quota of car sales for the month. If he doesn't they'll take his demo, a BMW, away, and he worships that BMW. Katie tries to enlist Sophia for her Earth Day crusade, but if it isn't a party, Sophia isn't interested. Sophia hears RT complaining about his tennis elbow and suggests that he needs a hot tub. She knows a guy who can give him a great deal. Roger warns RT to be really careful, because Sophia doesn't do a lot of giving without a lot of taking. Katie takes a bunch of Earth Day flyers to Permanent Record. Corey teases her about her mission, but Tuesday doesn't think it's funny. Roger's trying his best to sell a very expensive car to an older couple. He's crushed when they say they need some time to think about it and will come back later. RT and Sophia are looking at hot tub brochures, but it's clear that RT is mostly concentrating on Sophia. Katie's putting up flyers when one blows into an alley. She sees a Subaru spewing exhaust fumes. She knocks on the driver's window and sees that it's Tuesday. Clearly, she's living in her car. Tuesday explains that she's kind of between apartments. She'll be moving soon. Katie invites Tuesday to stay at her house until then, but Tuesday insists that she's fine. She does accept Katie's invitation to come over and take a shower. Corey can't believe his eyes when he barges into the bathroom and finds Tuesday there. Tuesday can't believe that Corey lives there. If she'd known, she never would have come over. RT and Sophia are back home with a new hot tub. Sophia says she's glad RT decided on the larger model, but when he asks her to join him for a test drive, she takes off. At the dealership, Roger is elated when the older couple returns to buy the car, but he feels a little guilty, because he knows that they really can't afford it. He convinces his colleague Frank to close the deal for a share of the commission, so he can have a clear conscience. Katie's surprised that Tuesday is leaving so soon. Tuesday makes a point of reminding Corey of his earlier comment about his roommates. Corey says he's sorry but everyone can't afford to live alone. He's shocked when Katie informs him that Tuesday's been living in her car; he feels terrible. Tuesday says she doesn't need his sympathy. At least she's not a hypocritical poseur unless this is what he meant by the simple life. Tuesday asks Corey why he lied. He asks her the same question. After Tuesday leaves, Katie tells Corey that it's clear that he's completely in love with this girl. At Permanent Record, Corey apologizes for lying. Maybe he was just embarrassed that he's still living at home.

Glenn Howerton
Tinsley Grimes
Eddie Shin
Chyler Leigh
Brittany Daniel
Geoff Pierson
Margaret Smith
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