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Episode #104 " Valentine's Day"


It's Valentine's Day, and Katie wants to celebrate. Corey says it's just another day to remind those who are alone that they are still alone. At Permanent Record a box of candy arrives that Margaret assumes is for Corey and vice versa. Margaret tells Corey that if it isn't for either of them, it must be for Tuesday. R.T. isn't thrilled when he hears that his ex-wife is going to Rosarito with a guy named Steve. Owen Crowley, a handsome sailor and Katie's boyfriend, pays her a surprise visit. He arrives with flowers saying that he only has a twenty-four hour leave, and he wants "a little time on the upper berth." That's fine with Katie. That evening, Corey tells Roger that he thinks maybe Tuesday sent herself the candy just to see his reaction. But actually he can't believe he's even talking about it. Roger says that Corey has hit the jackpot. Sometimes the ladies are desperate, and they make the first move. Katie tells everyone that R.T., who suddenly got very clingy when he heard about his ex's plans for Valentine's Day, treated her and Owen to Sea World, lunch, ice cream and a movie. She asks Corey to take his turn entertaining R.T., so she and Owen can finally go upstairs. Sophia arrives bringing chocolates for Katie. Katie doesn't want to mislead her, but she does love chocolate. She sees Owen for the first time and has trouble processing the fact that he's Katie's boyfriend. Sophia tells Katie that anyone can look good in a uniform; she was once a Girl Scout. Later that evening at Permanent Record, Tuesday samples the Valentine chocolates. Margaret tells her that in fact Corey sent them for her (Tuesday). Tuesday opens her mouth, sticks out her tongue, and the candy falls off. Later, Corey and Roger feel sorry for R.T. and take him out for a drink. At Club Berlin, Owen asks Katie if she thinks they'll ever be alone. Sophia asks Roger about Owen and finds out that Katie and Owen have been dating off and on since high school. Sophia feels betrayed that Katie kept this from her; maybe she's been keeping a woman from her as well. Corey asks Owen for advice about Tuesday. Owen tells him he should be at the record store. Retreat is defeat! Corey knows he's right. Katie's upset when she finds out that Owen accidentally sent Corey away. He had agreed to babysit R.T., and that was their last chance for a little privacy. But R.T. finds someone to dance with, and Katie and Owen take off. At Permanent Record, Margaret tells Corey that Tuesday bought him the candy; she just found out. Corey says she's made his day. Still later that night Corey tells Katie that he got candy as a Valentine's gift. They hear a noise in the kitchen. It's R.T. He didn't score. It's almost morning, and he asks Katie to make him one of her frittatas. Katie tells everyone that she and Owen have only three hours left, so they're going to have to take care of themselves. The next day at Permanent Record, Corey and Tuesday are eating the chocolates and are tolerating each other. Both agree that the chocolates were a really good gift.

Glenn Howerton
Tinsley Grimes
Eddie Shin
Chyler Leigh
Brittany Daniel
Geoff Pierson
Margaret Smith
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