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Episode #105 "My Dead Friend"


Corey, Katie and Roger are at Club Berlin where they encounter Rick, a definite party boy, who's celebrating some news he got from his broker. Moments later Rick is lying dead on the floor and, everyone else is in shock. Clearly Rick was the victim of too much partying, too much coke. Katie observes that their "friend" is dead, and they didn't even know his last name. That's the way it is with so many of their so-called friends at the club. At home, they tell R.T. what happened, but he can't accept the fact that Rick's life-style is what killed him. Sophia tells Katie that she's happy for her and Owen; in fact, she pulled some strings with some Navy brass she knows and got Owen some time off. She then invites Katie and Owen to a little party she's having that evening at her beach condo. Katie happily accepts. Roger sees right through Sophia's little scheme. A ménage a trios is what she has on her mind. Then when Owen goes back out to sea, she's got Katie. Tuesday is shocked when she learns that Margaret has paid Gus, a street guy, a pittance for a copy of the rare Beatles' "Yesterday and Today" album. Tuesday just can't believe that Margaret would rip someone off like that. Katie and Owen arrive at Sophia's luxurious condo where she's house-sitting for "this guy who travels a lot." They learn that they're the only guests at the "party." Corey's at the record shop when Ernest Vanhausen, Rick's father, shows up. The bartender at the club told him where he could find Corey. He asks Corey if he could say a few words at Rick's memorial service the next day. Corey has no choice but to accept, but he has no idea whatsoever what he's going to say. He goes to the club in search of someone who knew Rick well, but has no luck at all. Back at Sophia's, the three are dining on lobster when Sophia tells them that dessert will be even better. She brings in whipped cream and strawberries and sits down between Katie and Owen. Corey tries unsuccessfully to type out his speech for the memorial service. He tells Tuesday that he's just going to wing it. Margaret's beginning to feel guilty that she ripped off the homeless guy. She imagines that all the street people are giving her dirty looks. Sophia's feeding Katie and Owen the whipped cream and strawberries when at last it dawns on Katie what's really going on. She orders Owen on to the balcony to do push-ups, and she tells Sophia that it's not going to happen. At the memorial service, Tuesday pushes a piece a paper into Corey's pocket. Here are some things he can say about Rick, his friends and friendship. And Margaret makes amends to Gus, offering to sell the Beatles album for him and split the profits.

Glenn Howerton
Tinsley Grimes
Eddie Shin
Chyler Leigh
Brittany Daniel
Geoff Pierson
Margaret Smith
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