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Episode #106 "Spring Break '84"


At the record shop, Tuesday is looking at a poster of rock musician Wray Thorn. Corey says he used to go to high school with the guy; they were in band together. Back then the guy's name was Raymond Glockhart. Now he's opening for the Smiths on Friday night. That night Roger and Corey are amazed when Katie tells them she's a thousand dollars in debt. She's started getting calls from credit card companies. She doesn't want to tell her dad the truth, so she decides she'll ask him for money to go on spring break to Cancun and use the money to pay off the credit cards. She'll hide out at Roger's, and her dad won't know the difference. R.T. comes in, and within seconds Katie has her check. At Permanent Record the next day, much to Corey's surprise, Wray Thorn walks in. He informs Corey that he has an album out and is touring. His new name, he tells Corey, was his manager's idea. Corey tells Wray he's still playing music; he's building a catalogue but doesn't want to break out too fast. No problem there, Wray observes. Wray spots Tuesday and likes what he sees. Tuesday tells him she's heard his album, and it doesn't suck. A few minutes later, Wray asks Corey if he and Tuesday are an item. Wray's happy when Corey says no. Katie's about to leave for her "trip" when she has second thoughts and tells R.T. that maybe she should stay home. R.T. tells her to have fun and take lots of pictures. Katie settles in at Roger's apartment, and he shows her his "dance square" where he practices all his showy dance moves. Sophia comes in and tries to convince Katie to stay with her instead of Roger. Katie asks Roger and Sophia if they've ever been to Cancun; she needs details. At Permanent Record, Corey's not happy when he hears Tuesday accept Wray's invitation to go to his concert and hang out backstage. Back at the apartment, Katie's working on her tan. She asks Corey to borrow his camera, because she's having a Cancun photo session the following evening at El Chorizo Grande. She needs pictures to show R.T. Corey tells Roger about Tuesday's date with Wray. How can he compete when all he has is a crappy garage/studio. At El Chorizo Grande the next night, there's a Mariachi band and a lot of tequila shots. Katie purposely gets smashed so her photos will look authentic. Corey's miserable, and Sophia suggests that he get himself to the concert and tell Tuesday how he feels. Katie tells Roger that when this "vacation" is over, she's going to pay off her debts, go back to school and straighten out her life. She goes home and confesses everything to R.T. He tells her that when she has a problem she has to lean on him; he's the grown-up. Roger comes in and assures R.T. that nothing happened while Katie was staying with him. And Corey finds Tuesday at the concert and asks her please not to go out with Wray. Corey wants her to come to his garage and hear his music. Tuesday confesses that Wray's music actually does suck. She came because it was a free ticket, and she likes to heckle opening acts.

Glenn Howerton
Tinsley Grimes
Eddie Shin
Chyler Leigh
Brittany Daniel
Geoff Pierson
Margaret Smith
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