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Episode #107 "Katie's Birthday"


It's Katie's birthday, and Sophia has decorated Club Berlin in pink with a champagne fountain and large photos of Katie on the walls. Everyone is wearing party hats. Katie's thrilled and thanks Sophia, but Sophia's disappointed at the absence of tears, lingering hugs. Corey tells Katie that Tuesday will be coming to the party at the house after she gets off work. He admits that he's excited about it. Sophia admits to Katie that she's a little disappointed at Katie's reaction, but Sophia's forgotten when Katie sees Owen walk in. At the house later that night, Sophia tells Corey she's had it; she's "dumping" Katie and moving on. Tuesday arrives and tells Corey that she's sorry she missed the party, but Corey explains that this is the party, for family and a few close friends. Tuesday was hoping for something where she could get lost in a dark corner and no one would know the difference. Katie introduces Tuesday to Sophia, and Sophia asks if she's the rebound girl. Rebound from Sophia, of course. Tuesday's clearly ill at ease to be there; she tells Corey she was expecting a party, not a family gathering. She leaves, and Roger confides to Corey that she's scary hot. Margaret shows up and hands Corey a stack of records. He completely spaced on Katie's gift, and Margaret has saved him. R.T. asks Margaret to stick around so he'll have someone to talk to. Margaret giggles and agrees to stay. R.T. doesn't hide the fact that he thinks Margaret is pretty cool. Sophia tells Tuesday that she thinks she'll be good for Corey. Corey needs someone to shake him up. Tuesday insists that she's only her for his sister's birthday. For her birthday, R.T. offers Katie a job at his company, but she declines. She opens her gift from Owen, and it's an engagement ring. He proposes, and she's speechless. Corey tells Tuesday this isn't how he imagined that her first night with his family would go. Later, Tuesday demands to know why Corey invited her. In seconds they're name-calling, and in a few more seconds Tuesday kisses Corey. It's a long, amazing kiss, and they break apart, stunned. Before Corey knows what happened, Tuesday has gone. Corey asks Roger why a girl would kiss you and just take off. Owen's waiting for an answer from Katie. Katie tells Sophia that she loves Owen but isn't ready to be married. Sophia tells R.T. that she wants the job he offered Katie, but Roger wants it too. It's no contest, Sophia has a new job. When Katie tells Owen that she loves him but wants to wait a while before she gets married, Owen says he's tired of waiting. He's the only guy not married that he knows. The next morning at Permanent Record, Margaret takes one look at Tuesday and Corey and knows they kissed. Corey asks Tuesday why she took off, but she evades the question. It's evident that they want to kiss, but they don't. And R.T. shows up, and, when he sees Margaret, says he's found what he's been looking for.

Glenn Howerton
Tinsley Grimes
Eddie Shin
Chyler Leigh
Brittany Daniel
Geoff Pierson
Margaret Smith
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