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Episode #108 "After the Kiss"


At Permanent Record, Margaret catches Corey and Tuesday in her office kissing passionately. It's like working with Fleetwood Mac, she observes. At Club Berlin that night Corey tells Katie that he really loves his job. Roger wishes there were someone as hot as Tuesday at the car dealership. Sophia will start her job as Director of Marketing at R.T.'s company the next day. She tells Corey that she's starting to find him slightly attractive now that he's with someone else. Venus is the new bartender at Club Berlin. She's also Katie's aerobics instructor, and Katie tells Roger that she loves the class. Venus says that Katie's her star pupil. Katie says Roger should go to class with her sometime. He'd be the only guy. At the record shop, Corey and Tuesday aren't getting any work done at all. Margaret tells them to go out and enjoy themselves and get out of her face. They quickly do so. On her first day of work, Sophia goes in and starts kicking butt. R.T. doesn't know what's happening. Roger goes to aerobics and quickly becomes the new star of the class. Katie's steamed. Corey and Tuesday are in a gelato shop, and Corey wants to talk about their relationship. Tuesday seems fine with just making out and never talking, because the minute you label something a relationship, the status changes and somebody has the upper hand. When Corey presses the issue, she's out of there. That night, in the hot tub, R.T. tells Roger and Katie that he gave Sophia a cakewalk job so he'd have somebody pretty to look at and now she's running the place. It makes him look bad. Corey comes in and sits on the side of the tub. He tells everyone what happened with Tuesday. R.T. suggests maybe Corey should stop talking. R.T. didn't talk to Corey's mom until she took him to court. Corey says he's going to pull way back. The next day at Permanent Record Corey has almost nothing to say to Tuesday. She confronts him about it, and he says maybe they've moved a little too fast and need to back off. Tuesday tells Margaret she's too old for these games, but she doesn't want to get burned. Margaret says it's always good to have at least one nice guy on the list, and Corey's a nice guy. At the office, R.T. suggests to Sophia that they have a little talk. He points out that she's already moved into his office. Her cutthroat ambition and scare tactics have already turned the place on its ear, so he's made a decision. He'll be taking Wednesdays off. And he's also giving her a five percent raise. Sophia will accept nothing less than fifteen percent or she'll go work for his leading competitor. At Club Berlin, Roger tells an irritated Katie that she was taking a risk when she invited him to class. He's got all the moves. Venus comes over and greets her two star students. She thinks its great when someone brings a friend to class so he can shine. Katie admits to Roger that they shouldn't let aerobics come between them. That's fine with him, because he's found another class and he's teaching it! And Tuesday tells Corey she doesn't want them to back off. For every eight minutes of making out they can have two minutes of meaningful conversation. Corey says it's a deal.

Glenn Howerton
Tinsley Grimes
Eddie Shin
Chyler Leigh
Brittany Daniel
Geoff Pierson
Margaret Smith
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