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Episode #109 "Double Date"


When Roger's date cancels for the Bob Marley festival, he asks Tuesday to fix him up. Corey says that Tuesday doesn't know anyone, but she assures Roger that she'll take care of it. Corey comments that it's just that he hasn't met any of her friends yet. Sophia tells R.T. that she's shooting a commercial for the Butt Luge II and using professional actors. He's not sure that's it's necessary. Sophia describes her concept of a commercial with glistening sweaty women in form fitting lycra to Roger, and he says he'll buy the product before he even knows what it is. R.T. begins to see things Sophia's way. Katie's mortified when Owen mentions in front of R.T. that she dropped out of college. She quickly tries to cover and later tells Owen that she wanted to wait to tell her dad until she was a success at something else. Corey tells Tuesday to be careful who she picks as Roger's date; if it isn't a success, he won't hear the end of it. Tuesday says it's already taken care of, and she's perfect. She then goes to the bank and asks Patty, the teller who waits on her, if she likes Bob Marley. She does. Perfect! As they go off to the double date, Corey observes that Roger's blind date will be the first friend of Tuesday's that he's ever met. Katie's working up the nerve to confess to R.T. that she's a college dropout. Corey tells her she'll feel much better if she just tells R.T. the truth. When Patty and Roger meet, she says she's in finance and he tell her he's in the automobile industry. They confirm that they both love money. From then on is a battle of one-upping each other. Corey tells Tuesday that impossible as it seems, she found someone who matches Roger's level of maturity. At the commercial shoot, which is taking place at Katie's former college, Sophia asks R.T. to stop distracting the models; she's trying to do something new in video marketing. When Katie and Owen stop by, Katie runs into one of her old professors who encourages her to come back to school and change her major to environmental science. She may even be able to hire her as a research assistant. At Club Berlin, Roger asks Corey if he thinks maybe Patty is overly competitive. She is, says Corey, but Roger's just as bad. Corey asks Tuesday what's up with Patty. She hasn't a clue, she tells him. Patty works at her bank, and they've never gone out before. They don't actually know each other, but what's the big deal? Katie tells her dad that she's changing her major; she hates business. He can't believe what he's hearing; Katie's giving up a television fitness empire. She'd rather save the planet. Roger and Patty have disappeared with Corey's car, and Corey and Tuesday had to walk home. This, says Corey, is Tuesday's fault for setting Roger up with someone who could be a psycho. He'd just like a little notice the next time before she does something bizarre. Tuesday's not buying it. She's scary, and Corey likes it.

Glenn Howerton
Tinsley Grimes
Eddie Shin
Chyler Leigh
Brittany Daniel
Geoff Pierson
Margaret Smith
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