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Episode #110 "Punk Club"


Katie has gone back to college and is too busy studying to give maid service to R.T., Corey and Roger. It's not going over well at all that there's no morning coffee, no blueberry pancakes and no time to iron shirts. R.T. is taking this new situation especially hard, and Katie promises she'll get to the shirts and make pancakes tomorrow. Corey's at work when Candy, a punker, comes in with a stack of fliers touting the opening of a new punk club. She offers one to Margaret who declines, gives one to Tuesday and leaves without giving Corey a second look. An irritated Corey says clearly he's not cool enough for a stupid punk club. Civil Unrest, a band Tuesday loves, will be playing at the club, and Corey insists that they go together. Tuesday claims she's not in the mood, but later Margaret wonders aloud to Corey what Tuesday will be wearing to the club that night. Sophia stops at the house to pick up R.T. for a business meeting, and he asks her to iron his shirt. Not a chance! Furthermore, when she learns that Katie's exhausted from trying to be a student and a full-time maid, she insists that it's time to let the guys fend for themselves. Corey goes to the punk club anyway and is really upset when he sees Tuesday there. Corey accuses her of being embarrassed to be seen with him, and Tuesday counters that he's being paranoid. And why is he following her anyway? But Corey refuses to let her turn it around. If she's too uncomfortable to be out with him in public, then she shouldn't be out with him at all. Back at the house, Roger and R.T. discover that Katie and Sophia have made sandwiches for themselves and no one else. And the place is messier than it was that morning. Katie tells R.T. that she's tired of doing everything around the house. Her grades are important, and she has to study. They're going to share the work and that's final. She turns a deaf ear when R.T. begs her to cook something. At Permanent Record, Margaret tells Tuesday that she might as well admit it. She went to a club and didn't want Corey to know about it. Tuesday admits that she was really embarrassed when Corey walked in. How could she have become a hypocrite? Back at the house, R.T. tells Roger he's making sure every dish in the kitchen is dirty, because then Katie won't be able to stand it and will wash all the dishes. But Katie has another solution: paper plates. Corey asks Katie if there's something wrong with the way he looks. Katie says there isn't but that Corey looks out of place in Tuesday's world. Tuesday comes to the house and doesn't actually apologize but invites Corey to a club that night. Corey's wrong about what he thinks, and Tuesday's going to prove it to him. When R.T. shows up at a meeting with a giant iron burn on his shirt, Sophia decides that he and Katie have to settle their thing once and for all. At the club, Tuesday is defensive and protective when Corey gets weird looks. People shouldn't judge him, she says. They leave the club and Corey asks why she cares what people think. He doesn't or he wouldn't be with her. That's not a slam; it's the truth. And with Sophia supervising, Katie and R.T. sit down and negotiate the household responsibilities that they're willing to take on.

Glenn Howerton
Tinsley Grimes
Eddie Shin
Chyler Leigh
Brittany Daniel
Geoff Pierson
Margaret Smith
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