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Episode #111 "Road Trip"


Corey and Katie are playing and singing at their cousin Melissa's wedding when Cousin Ted tells them they should be on Star Search. The next day, at Permanent Record, Corey and Tuesday are talking about an upcoming concert in which Pat Benatar is performing when Margaret begins acting very strangely. Hold her calls, she tells them, she's in a meeting. Katie arrives and announces that Cousin Ted is actually a talent scout and she and Corey are, in fact, going to be on Star Search. Corey says absolutely not. Tuesday's fascinated. She didn't know they played weddings. Margaret gets a phone call, and she's heard telling someone named Gary that Benatar is back in town. Owen tells Roger that this weekend he'll be in Hollywood with Corey and Katie who are doing Star Search. Roger hadn't heard. He asks Sophia if she's going too, but she has to move out of her boyfriend's condo. His wife wants to use it. Roger asks Corey why he didn't tell him about Star Search. Because they're not doing it, says Corey. R.T. interjects that Cousin Ted just called to say that they'll get twenty-five hundred dollars just for showing up, but Corey won't budge. Performing together used to be fun, he tells Katie, but those days are over and besides, going on Star Search says goodbye soul and hello mainstream. At Permanent Record, Margaret announces she's clearing out until the heat is off. A couple of years ago she was doing pyrotechnics on Pat Benatar's first concert tour. Trying to put a little more spark in the encore, Margaret went too far, things went Fourth of July and Benatar went up in flames. Margaret knew that Benatar would catch up with her someday. Back at the house, Owen confronts Corey about disappointing Katie, but Katie says it's okay. Corey has every right to say no; it's not his dream. Her dream was to perform together one last time and go out in a blaze of glory, but she'll be okay. Corey relents and says he'll do it. The next day everyone's getting ready for the road trip when Cousin Ted stops by to drop off the itinerary. Roger and Sophia give them advice on how to impress the judges. Sophia has a whole history as a beauty pageant contestant. The road trip is under way with Corey, Katie, Roger, Tuesday and Owen packed in the BMW. They discuss possible ways they could spend the twenty-five hundred dollars. Back at the house R.T. tells Sophia she's too smart to be dating married men. She should get her own place. He's right, says Sophia. When she takes over his company she's going to need a place to entertain. Backstage at Star Search, Katie is wearing a glitzy outfit. Corey approaches wearing his own glitzy costume and a mullet. Tuesday says he looks like some kind of space hooker. Katie tells Corey they can't do it. He loves her so much that he's willing to make a huge ass of himself in front of millions of people, and she just can't let him do it. What's most important is knowing that he'd do this for her. They're out of there. Katie tells Owen to take her home. Driving home, Roger has a dream that he actually won Star Search. And back at Permanent Record, Pat Benatar comes in looking for Margaret accompanied by her husband Neil Giraldo. She actually wants to thank Margaret. The night Margaret set her on fire Neil rescued her and they fell in love. They were married when her eyebrows grew back in. She invites Margaret to Del Mar where they're going to renew their vows.

Glenn Howerton
Tinsley Grimes
Eddie Shin
Chyler Leigh
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Margaret Smith
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