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Episode #112 "Sophia's Depressed"


Corey has been spending the night at Tuesday's loft, but he isn't thrilled with the presence of Tuesday's roommate Brenda, a large woman with a Mohawk. When Corey and Tuesday arrive for work, they pass a fireman exiting. There was an electrical fire, Margaret tells them, but the good news is that she's insured. At the house, Owen's staying with Katie, while Patty is with Roger in his apartment. Corey comes in a gives Katie a box sent by Owen's commanding officer. It's a fondue set with a card bearing wedding congratulations. Owen admits that he told some of the guys on the ship that they got married, because he was embarrassed to tell them that Katie turned down his proposal. Roger asks Corey why he spends all his time at Tuesday's place and Tuesday never comes to the house. R.T. arrives, and Roger introduces him to Patty. After Patty leaves, R.T. tells Corey that he thinks he might have had sex with her on St. Patrick's Day a few years ago. He was bombed on green beer at the time. At Permanent record, Margaret introduces Corey to Zeke, her contractor, and a former roadie for ZZ Top. He's going to make a few improvements with the insurance money including a built in mini-fridge and a bay window. Corey suggests to Tuesday that they stay at his house that night. When Tuesday questions this, he says to forget it. They'll each stay at their own place that night. Tuesday confides to Margaret that she's a little scared to stay at Corey's. That world's a dangerous place. Put one foot in and you'll be wearing culottes and making Hamburger Helper. Margaret says this could easily blow the relationship and asks Tuesday if it's worth it. That night, at Club Berlin, Sophia's acting very strangely. She's looks depressed and uncharacteristically unpolished, and she isn't her bitchy self. She's actually acting kind of sweet. Everyone's worried about her. She's a mess. Tuesday arrives and shows Corey a toothbrush. They're going to his house. The three couples are at the house and say goodnight early, but in the middle of the night Katie, Tuesday and Patty are all downstairs for various reasons. There's a knock at the door and Katie opens it to discover a very ragged looking Sophia. Her sister's getting married in June, and Sophia can't breathe. The four women leave together heading for Tuesday's loft. Back at the house, the guys realize that all the women are missing. R.T. tells Owen to relax. If one woman's gone, it's a problem; when they're all gone, it's a midnight shoe sale. Sophia tells the other women that here she is sitting in a dump (no offense to Tuesday) while her whole family is celebrating her sister Bianca's upcoming wedding to a doctor. At Permanent record, before the repairs are done, Margaret takes the remaining insurance money and tells Zeke they're going to San Francisco. The next morning, the guys are speculating what could have made they women want to disappear. At Tuesday's loft, it's girl talk with each of the women mulling over their issues. Katie tells Tuesday that contrary to Tuesday's belief, she doesn't have a perfect family. And she's pretty sure her great grandparents were second cousins. That's creepy, but Tuesday's somehow relieved. And Patty remembers why R.T. looked familiar. The three women return to the house. Katie forgives Owen for pretending they got married.

Glenn Howerton
Tinsley Grimes
Eddie Shin
Chyler Leigh
Brittany Daniel
Geoff Pierson
Margaret Smith
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