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Episode #113 "Beach Party"


At Permanent Record, Katie stops by to invite everyone to her beach cookout to celebrate Owen's return from a long tour of duty. Tuesday tells Corey she needs to find a new roommate; her old one split in the middle of the night. Cossima Blair comes R.T.'s office for a meeting with him and Sophia; Cossima's interested in buying R.T.'s business and merging it with her company, but R.T. tells her it's not going to happen, now or ever. Cossima and Sophia hate each other on sight, and catty remarks immediately start flying. Corey tells Roger he's thinking that maybe he should move in with Tuesday. Roger thinks Corey has it made just the way things are. He'd be crazy to rock the boat. Katie tells Owen that while he was gone she adopted a beach, and the gang's going to help her clean a stretch of it. They didn't volunteer; she tricked them with an invitation to a cookout. R.T. and Cossima are at a restaurant, and he's still refusing to sell his company even though she's blatantly trying to seduce him. He's more open minded about the seduction, and back at R.T.'s office Cossima tells him she's fallen in love. R.T.'s not surprised. At the record store, Janice, a customer who had bought some records the day before, comes back and asks to return one because it's warped. Margaret says no exchanges and tries to throw her out. An argument follows and Margaret and Janice go into Margaret's office. Corey tells Tuesday he wants to move in, and she admits that it does make a certain amount of sense. Roger's crushed when he hears Corey's news. He thought the two of them were going to pool their money and get an incredible bachelor pad. When R.T. tells Sophia that he's going ahead with the merger, she immediately guesses that he slept with Cossima. He assures Sophia that the two of them are deeply in love. Sophia can't believe R.T. could be so blind, and furthermore, if anyone should be using R.T. it's Sophia. At the beach, the gang isn't thrilled that Katie tricked them, but they agree that it's a good cause and grudgingly agree to the clean-up work. At the store, Margaret is still dealing with Janice, who refuses to leave without a refund. They've been arguing for six hours. Margaret's hungry, but Janice had some Dexatrim and feels fine. At R.T.'s office, Sophia confronts Cossima and tells her to leave R.T. alone. A cat fight follows which ends with Sophia and Cossima kissing just as R.T. walks in. R.T. tears up the contract saying that the merger is off. Sophia apologizes but tells R.T. she had to prove to him that Cossima didn't love him. At the beach, Corey tries to console Roger about the bachelor pad. Roger's not too concerned. He only wanted Corey there to split the rent. Katie tells Corey that she's happy for him, but something tells her that Corey isn't quite sure it's the right thing to do. Katie's right, he tells her, but he has to go through with it, because he's the one who talked Tuesday into it. Janice leaves the record store when she thinks that Margaret has cracked psychologically, but Margaret's back to her old self in a flash as she throws out one last customer. And Corey and Tuesday decide not to move in together after she tells him she doesn't want to mess things up because she loves him too much.

Glenn Howerton
Tinsley Grimes
Eddie Shin
Chyler Leigh
Brittany Daniel
Geoff Pierson
Margaret Smith
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