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Episode #101 "Pilot"


Tracy Mitchell is having breakfast with wife, Alicia, son Derrick and younger son Jimmy. Jimmy tells Tracy that he gets to learn to play an instrument at school and thinks he'll choose the flute. Tracy recommends that he pick a big instrument, so the world will know he's cultured. Alicia reminds Tracy that today is Derrick's parent/teacher conference. Tracy will be there; he always goes. Alicia rolls her eyes and comments that the teachers really look forward to it. At Tracy's garage, Freddie, a guy from the neighborhood, comes to pick up his car and wants to pay with meat. Employees Spoon and Bernard aren't going for it. When Tracy hears about Freddie's latest scam he backs up the guys. He busted his butt in trade school for two years, and now he's running a business. He won't be paid in meat! Freddie shakes his head. They go back a long way, and Tracy sure has changed. Tracy reminds Spoon and Bernard that the garage is all their future. At the conference, the teacher tells Tracy and Alicia is a delight to have in class and extremely bright, but Tracy doesn't like hearing that Derrick stays a little to himself and might be slightly lacking in social skills. The teacher says there's nothing to worry about, but Tracy chides Alicia that she's turning him into a mama's boy. Derrick should be more like him. The world's tough, and you have to be strong to survive. Later, Tracy tells Derrick that he needs some balance in his life. Going to the library after school is great, but maybe he also needs a girlfriend. Jimmy chimes in that Derrick likes a girl named Simone, so Tracy proceeds to offer some pointers on how to approach her. Derrick's not convinced. At the shop, the guys are surprised that Tracy's agreed to work on a Mercedes. Work on enough Mercedes and pretty soon you'll be driving one, Tracy tells them. Tracy picks up the kids at school and is pleased to learn that Jimmy has decided to learn to play the cello. He asks Derrick if he made any progress with Simone. Derrick reports that he said hello. Then Tracy gets a look at Simone and freaks out. She's gorgeous! Too gorgeous, says Tracy, to be Derrick's first girlfriend. She'll mess him up! Alicia, who knows Simone's mom, has invited Simone over to study with Derrick and have dinner. When Tracy goes nuts, Alicia doesn't understand what the problem is. ; they're only in seventh grade. Tracy worries that if it doesn't work out that Derrick could be ruined for life. Tracy jumps in and tries to be cool but succeeds in making a fool of himself. Alicia intervenes and sends the kids out for ice cream. Simone's not going to mess Derrick up, warns Alicia, but Tracy will. Later, Tracy tells Derrick he's sorry he acted like a jerk. He just doesn't want Derrick to get hurt. It's okay, Derrick says. Tracy acted so crazy that he gave them something to talk about.

Tracy Mitchell
Tracy Morgan
Alicia Mitchell
Tamala Jones
Derrick Mitchell
Mark John Jeffries
Jimmy Mitchell
Bobb'e J. Thompson
John Witherspoon
Heavy D (Dwight Myers)
Katt Williams

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