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Episode #102 "Doctor? No!"


Alicia tells Tracy that there was an “incident” when she took Jimmy to get his physical for Pee Wee football. He freaked out before he even made it into the doctor’s office. Tracy says it’s normal for people to be scared of the doctor’s office. Bad stuff happens there. Alicia informs Tracy that next Wednesday it’s his turn to take Jimmy. Tracy tells the guys at the garage that they’ll have to cover for him while he’s at the doctor’s with Jimmy. Spoon thought Tracy was afraid of doctors. Not afraid, says Tracy, just not a big fan. What about last year when Tracy cut his hand and needed stitches? Bernard reminds Tracy that he chose duct tape instead of stitches. Truth is that Tracy has a full-blown phobia of doctors. Spoon tells him it’s out of his control; he’s dealing with a medical condition. Tracy tells Alicia he can’t take Jimmy. If he’s not gonna do it, Tracy has to tell Jimmy himself, says Alicia. Tracy tries to remind Jimmy of all the times he’s been very brace, but Jimmy responds that he’s only brave when Tracy’s by his side. Then he knows that nothing bad will happen. The only reason he’s agreed to go to the doctor is that Tracy’s taking him. In the waiting room, Tracy keeps asking Jimmy if he’s cool. Tracy himself is clearly uncomfortable. When the receptionist says there’s a patient ahead of them and they’ll need to wait a few minutes, Tracy’s pretends to be indignant. It’s now or never, he fumes, and drags Jimmy out. Back at the house, Alicia’s not buying Tracy’s act. He chickened out! She really thought he could handle this. She’ll take Jimmy herself and make up an excuse why Tracy can’t go. At the garage, Tracy pretends he saw the doctor, but the guys bust him immediately. Spoon tells him he has to ease his way into the medical thing and desensitize himself. Bernard chimes in that his Uncle Desmond’s a doctor. They can go to his office for a trial run. What he doesn’t say is that his uncle’s a vet. In the waiting room Tracy goes up to a boxer that’s shaking with fear and tries to reassure. Spoon notices that Tracy got the dog calmed down immediately. The implication hits Tracy. He can do the same thing for his son. He’s still scared, but he can do it! Back at the doctor’s office, Tracy puts up a brave front for Jimmy, and they get through the exam and a shot as well. Tracy tells Alicia that just knowing that his son needed him unleashed some inner strength. When Alicia asks about the bandage on Tracy’s head, she learns that after the exam a nurse passed by with some blood samples, and Tracy fainted, cut his head and had to have stitches. Jimmy promises to go with Tracy to get his stitches out.

Tracy Mitchell
Tracy Morgan
Alicia Mitchell
Tamala Jones
Derrick Mitchell
Mark John Jeffries
Jimmy Mitchell
Bobb'e J. Thompson
John Witherspoon
Heavy D (Dwight Myers)
Katt Williams

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