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Episode #103 "A Call to Duty"


Alicia tells Tracy she’s going to be cooking meals for an elderly man as a church volunteer. She wants to get involved in the community. She’s even going to get the boys involved. The kids bring in a mini trampoline they found on the street. Alicia’s not thrilled but Tracy starts bouncing on it, and it’s clear they’ll be keeping it. Tracy gets a final notice for jury duty. This isn’t a good example for the kids, Alicia tells him. Derrick says his teacher told them that jury duty is everyone’s civic responsibility. When Tracy tells the guys at the garage about it, Spoon says he loves getting paid to sit and watch people fight. Bernard says that anytime a black man’s in court and not the defendant it’s a good thing. Freddie says there are things Tracy can do to get out of it. In the jury interview room, Tracy does his best to be disqualified, but he’s picked immediately. Tracy goes home and tells everyone the news. Alicia’s busy making lasagna. She wants it to be perfect for Mr. Rooney, the elderly man she’s cooking for. She takes Jimmy and Derrick the next day to deliver the food. Mr. Rooney is a grouchy old man. He’s very rude, and the kids can’t understand it. They thought this would bring him joy. Alicia assures them that it did. Later that day, Tracy’s in the jury room and can’t wait to get out, but when the vote comes he’s the only one of the jurors to vote innocent. The defendant is a music store employee accused of stealing some boxes of CDs. The other jurors think it’s an open and shut case, but Tracy does his best to speak on the defendant’s behalf. That night Alicia tells Tracy about her experience with Mr. Rooney. She’ll continue to cook for him plus three more elderly people, since some volunteers have dropped out. These people need help, and she’s having fun! Alicia asks about the case, but Tracy’s lips are sealed. The fate of a man’s life lies in his hands! At the garage, Spoon and Bernard are competing to be in charge in Tracy’s absence. Tracy privately reassures Bernard that he is in charge but should let Spoon feel that he is. Tracy confides to Alicia that he told Spoon exactly the opposite an hour before. This results in the two guys being so polite to each other that no work gets done. The next day, on their second trip to Mr. Rooney’s, he’s even more rude. He doesn’t want their food! He didn’t like the lasagna. Alicia tells him off royally and the boys love it. In the jury room, Tracy continues trying to change the minds of his fellow jurors. The bailiff arrives and dismisses them. Another record store employee has been charged, and all charges against the defendant have been dropped. Tracy is triumphant! He had reasonable doubt. Justice has been served!

Tracy Mitchell
Tracy Morgan
Alicia Mitchell
Tamala Jones
Derrick Mitchell
Mark John Jeffries
Jimmy Mitchell
Bobb'e J. Thompson
John Witherspoon
Heavy D (Dwight Myers)
Katt Williams

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