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Episode #104 "Coach Tracy"


Jimmy is listening to Lil’ Big Time, a musical artist who has gold teeth and wears tons of gold jewelry. Jimmy wouldn’t mind having some of that bling bling. Derrick comes in wearing a yellow basketball jersey; he’s ready for his first game. Tracy points out the logo on the jersey. It’s Tracy’s face. If he’s spending $200 to sponsor the team, he wants people to know it! At the gym with Alicia, Jimmy, Bernard and Spoon, Tracy’s having a problem that the coach continues to play the same five guys. He needs to put Derrick in. Alicia wants him to calm down; the team’s winning. It’s not about winning, says Tracy, it’s about playing. Derrick gets in but plays only ten seconds before halftime. At home, later that evening, Tracy talks to Alicia about how unfairly Derrick was treated. Derrick seemed fine about it, Alicia tells him. Jimmy comes in and flashes a big smile. There’s a “diamond” on his front tooth, a little bling bling to catch the ladies’ eye. He got it from his mom’s jewelry box. Alicia freaks out. It’s stuck on Jimmy’s tooth. Jimmy used Super Glue and a hair dryer. It’ll be a trip to the dentist tomorrow, Alicia tells him. The next day Derrick tells Jimmy that he doesn’t want to play basketball in front of all those people. It’s too much pressure. He just likes practice; that’s fun. Derrick knows he can’t tell Tracy, though. His dad is wild about sports. Tracy comes in and asks Derrick how he’s feeling about the game. Great, says Derrick, they won. Tracy says he’s sure that Derrick will do a great job when he gets a chance to play. At practice, Tracy speaks to the coach, who’s clearly stressed out, about playing Derrick more. The worst part of the job, says the coach, is dealing with pushy parents. If Tracy thinks he can do a better job, he’s welcome to try. The coach hands Tracy the whistle and clipboard and walks away. Derrick’s not happy when he hears the news. He liked things the way they were. Tracy’s puzzled. Why would Derrick be unhappy? His time has come! At the garage, Spoon tells Tracy he’ll be a great coach. He’s strong, opinionated and doesn’t give a damn if people hate him. Then why, asks Tracy, can’t he get his son to play? Bernard says you can’t force kids to play. They’ll hate the game and end up hating you. That night Tracy tells Alicia he’s going to talk to Derrick. Alicia reminds Tracy that Derrick’s got a lot going on. He’s a great student and has a lot of friends. He just doesn’t like the pressure of playing. The last thing Tracy needs to do is put on more pressure. Jimmy comes in wearing a suit with no shirt. He thinks he’s found his new look. Alicia says he looks like M.C. Hammer. Jimmy decides to change. Tracy shows Derrick his wrestling trophy and tells him about a match where he had to overcome a lot of pressure. Derrick can do the same thing. The next day, at the gym, Tracy announces that he’s playing different kids that day. He sends Derrick into the game. Jimmy’s in the stands wearing a big top hat. He looks like Mr. Peanut, Alicia tells Spoon. Derrick doesn’t move a muscle. He doesn’t want to play, he tells Tracy. He asks his dad to put in someone else. Tracy’s the coach, he reminds Derrick, and orders him into the game while he rips off Derrick’s sweats. Derrick’s not wearing a uniform, just his underwear. He’d better sit this one out, says Tracy. After the game, Tracy’s shooting baskets. He apologizes to Derrick for what happened. Derrick says maybe he should quit the team. Don’t worry, says Tracy, he’s already fired himself as coach. Tracy says he was a screw-up at school and that’s why he wanted Derrick to be on the team. When Tracy was playing was the only time he wasn’t in trouble. But Derrick doesn’t get in trouble, and Derrick isn’t Tracy. Tracy just wants him to have fun. That night Jimmy tells Tracy and Alicia that it’s too stressful being a trendsetter. He wants to be left alone!

Tracy Mitchell
Tracy Morgan
Alicia Mitchell
Tamala Jones
Derrick Mitchell
Mark John Jeffries
Jimmy Mitchell
Bobb'e J. Thompson
John Witherspoon
Heavy D (Dwight Myers)
Katt Williams

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