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Episode #105 "Stealing"


It’s hand-me-down time, and Jimmy’s complaining that Derrick’s clothes that he’s getting are weak. Derrick has no fashion sense. The next morning, Derrick’s dressed for school in a large T-shirt, low-riding warm-up pant and a baseball hat turned sideways. He’s going for a different look, he tells his mom. He’s not going anywhere dressed like that, she responds. Personally, Tracy thinks he looks great. Alicia sends Derrick off to change. At the garage, Tracy tells the guys that Derrick’s trying to express himself through his wardrobe. Bernard thinks kids should wear uniforms, but Freddie thinks every kid needs his own individual flair. When he was Derrick’s age, he got himself a parrot. When Trace gets home that night, Alicia tells him she thinks Derrick stole a video game. Derrick lies at first, but he then confesses. He was at the toy store and some cool kids from school were there. He thought if he stole something they’d think he was cool. Tracy tells Alicia that if his father had caught him stealing, he’d have whomped him with a belt. There’ll be no whomping in this house, says Alicia. Tracy doesn’t think Alicia understands the severity of the situation; she grew up in the suburbs. Alicia suggests that they take Derrick to the toy store tomorrow and have him tell the owner exactly what he did. At the store, Tracy tells Derrick he needs a little emotional pain and suffering, but instead, when he confesses, the store owner praises him for his honesty and rewards him with a poster. Tracy can’t believe it. His son’s a thief. An example should be made of him! Alicia thinks everything is fine. Derrick said he was sorry and had learned his lesson. Tracy isn’t buying it. Alicia’s going to end up like one of the moms on the 11 o’clock news whose son has robbed a convenience store saying “My baby hasn’t done anything wrong.” Later, at the garage, Spoon tells Tracy he thinks kids consider stealing a rite of passage-like the first time you shave. Tracy just doesn’t want Derrick to end up like Clarence, a friend he grew up with in the projects. Clarence started stealing and screwed up his whole life. Later that day, Tracy takes Derrick to the Brooklyn House of Detention to visit Clarence. Tracy wants Derrick to be scared straight. Tracy hopes Clarence will tell Derrick how bad it is on the inside. But instead Clarence wants to talk about how great the prison library is and how much time he spends on the internet. Derrick thinks that’s pretty cool. That’s the wrong message, fumes Tracy. Back at home, Alicia tells Tracy she can’t believe he took Derrick to see a man in prison. But Derrick tells Alicia it was a dumb idea trying to impress the cool kids. He doesn’t ever want to go to prison!

Tracy Mitchell
Tracy Morgan
Alicia Mitchell
Tamala Jones
Derrick Mitchell
Mark John Jeffries
Jimmy Mitchell
Bobb'e J. Thompson
John Witherspoon
Heavy D (Dwight Myers)
Katt Williams

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