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Episode #106 "Miracle Street"


When the kids ask to go to a Snoop Dogg concert the following night, Alicia isn’t keen on the idea but says it’s okay if Tracy agrees to take them. But Tracy doesn’t like the idea of today’s rap. It’s all about violence and money. Old school rap was something different. Alicia reminds him of the Biz Markie concert they went to in ’87. Tracy teases the kids for a while, but yes, he’ll take them. They’re ecstatic. The next day Tracy and Alicia go to a ticket broker and learn that the concert has been sold out for months. The broker does happen to have three last row balcony seats for three hundred apiece, but while Tracy thinks about negotiating the tickets are sold. Later, at the garage, Tracy tells the guys that he needs those tickets badly. Spoon suggests that he call Freddie, but Tracy’s already left thirty messages for him and called every broker in the city. There’s nothing available under two hundred dollars. That night the kids are getting ready to go to the concert, but Alicia realizes that Tracy failed to get the tickets. Why can he just tell the boys the truth? Tracy’s not going to be the kind of father that lets his kids down; he’ll find the tickets somewhere! At last Freddie shows up. There are no tickets, but he has a friend who’ll be working security and who owes him a favor. At the side door of the Apollo Theater, Freddie, Tracy and the kids approach Danny, the security guard. Danny reminds Freddie that Freddie owes him three hundred dollars and tells them to get out. Tracy takes the kids aside and starts to explain but sees a group of parents escorting their kids into a side entrance. The attendant guarding the door tells Tracy that these are Miracle Street kids. Tracy tells the attendant that his kids are Miracle Street too. They’re all given shirts and get to go into the concert. At the show, they’re in the front row and having a great time. Snoop even invites Jimmy onto the stage to rap with him. Freddie tells Tracy that the Miracle Street group is great; they do wonders for sick kids. Tracy has no idea what Freddie’s talking about. When he gets it, he’s mortified and tries to get Jimmy off the stage, but Jimmy’s having the time of his life. At home the kids excitedly tell Alicia about the concert. She can’t believe that Tracy pulled it off, and she’s really blown away when she finds out that Biz Markie opened for Snoop. Tracy, feeling guilty, says nothing. The next day at the garage, Tracy asks the guys if they’ve ever heard of the group called Miracle Street. Sure, says Bernard, they do stuff for sick kids; they’re always in the news. Freddie comes in and tells the guys that Tracy’s a smooth operator. They were in the front row last night, because Tracy pretended that his kids were with Miracle Street. Spoon and Bernard are appalled. That night, Tracy goes home from work and finds that Snoop has stopped by and is staying for dinner. The kids are beside themselves. Snoop even brought Jimmy an autographed jacket. Tracy pulls Alicia aside and tells her that they have to get Snoop out of there. Snoop thinks the kids are sick. He explains about the Miracle Street kids, and Alicia demands that he tell Snoop the truth, or she’s going to do it. But there’s a knock at the door, and it’s Biz Markie. Alicia loses it. Forget about confessions; she wants a photo of herself with Biz. Later that night, Alicia tells Tracy that she’s going to make a donation to Miracle Street and volunteer to work on their vans.

Tracy Mitchell
Tracy Morgan
Alicia Mitchell
Tamala Jones
Derrick Mitchell
Mark John Jeffries
Jimmy Mitchell
Bobb'e J. Thompson
John Witherspoon
Heavy D (Dwight Myers)
Katt Williams

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