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Episode #107 "Haircut Night"


The family’s eating dinner, and Tracy’s telling everyone about how he used to love haircut night when he was a kid. It was a kind of family tradition that his dad cut his hair. After dinner Derrick gives his mom a kiss as the boys run off to their rooms. Alicia tells Tracy she thought she’d never get another kiss from Derrick. She tried to kiss him when she dropped him off for school, but he pulled away. Your little boy is growing up, says Tracy. Jimmy calls Tracy. It’s haircut time! Tracy finishes Jimmy’s cut and tells Derrick it’s his turn. Derrick pleads too much homework and says he’ll get his haircut another time. He asks Tracy if he’s seen the commercials for the new kung fu movie, Temple of Blood. Tracy thinks it looks great, but when he tells Alicia that he and Derrick are going to see it, she says no way. That movie’s rated R. At breakfast the next day, Derrick tells Tracy that he’d prefer to go to a barber. Tracy’s a little hurt. It’s more than a haircut; it’s their hangout time. Tracy leaves for work, and Alicia tells Derrick they’ll go to the barbershop after school. She’ll handle Tracy. At the garage, the guys are talking about the new tow truck Tracy bought. Bernard’s really excited. Chicks dig dudes in tow trucks. Spoon doesn’t get it. Freddie asks Tracy how haircut night went. Bernard says Tracy should take the boys to a barbershop. It’s a rite of passage for a young African American man. No, says Tracy, they don’t do the barbershop thing in his family. Later in the afternoon, Tracy spots Derrick in the barbershop across the street. When the barber starts cutting, Tracy’s really upset. That evening, Alicia and the boys come home to find Tracy sitting alone in the dark. He says he saw Derrick with that barber. How could he? Alicia thinks he’s overreacting-it’s just a haircut. No, says Tracy, it was a wonderful tradition. Alicia says he’s just going to have to find other ways to bond with Derrick. The next day Tracy and Derrick are together at the kung fu movie. They’re having a great time until the lead actress takes off her kimono and has nothing on under it. And what’s that guy doing to her, asks Derrick. Tracy yanks him out of his seat, and they exit. At home, Tracy and Derrick are extremely uncomfortable and can’t look each other in the eye. Tracy tells Alicia what happened. This is her fault. She told him to find new grown up things to do with Derrick. She didn’t tell Tracy to take him to a dirty kung fu movie! The next afternoon Tracy tries to talk to Derrick about what happened but gives up and tells him they’re all going to the zoo. The next day, the family’s at the zoo, and Tracy tells Alicia he was about to sit Derrick down and give him the sex talk but realized he wasn’t ready for it. Thank God!

Tracy Mitchell
Tracy Morgan
Alicia Mitchell
Tamala Jones
Derrick Mitchell
Mark John Jeffries
Jimmy Mitchell
Bobb'e J. Thompson
John Witherspoon
Heavy D (Dwight Myers)
Katt Williams

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