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Episode #108 "Church"


Tracy and Alicia are a little taken aback when Jimmy asks if they can go to church on Sunday. Jimmy just realized that church is open every week, not just on holidays. His friend Patrick goes all the time. Alicia says it’s a great idea. Later, Tracy asks what the point is. People smile at each other at church and then go out and curse at each other in the parking lot. Never mind, says Alicia, they’re going. At the garage, Freddie announces that he’s signed everyone up to play softball in the Broadway Show League. According to the sign-up sheet, they’re a musical called “Phantom of the Garage.” Their first game is against “Hairspray” on Sunday morning. Tracy says he can’t go. He has to go to church. Freddie thinks that will be a great opportunity for Tracy to do some networking and drum up new business. Not a bad idea, muses Tracy. Maybe if he gets the pastor, the whole flock will follow. At church, Alicia encounters Linda Berry and her son Robert. Linda’s always bragging about how perfect her kids are. Alicia can’t stand her. Tracy’s busy sticking business cards in all the hymnals. When the pastor asks if there are special intentions, Tracy stands up and does a lengthy pitch for the garage. Amen. After the service, Tracy offers Pastor Jones free automotive service at the garage whenever he has a problem. Tracy gives him a card. Linda comes over and announces that her son is auditioning for a solo in the church choir. Derrick is gifted as well, Alicia tells her, and he’ll also be auditioning. And Derrick will be auditioning, Alicia tells Jimmy later. He just doesn’t know it yet. The next day, Derrick’s a little weirded out but agrees to audition when he sees how important it is to Alicia. Jimmy, greatly impressed by Pastor Jones, tells Tracy he’s thinking of becoming a preacher. Alicia tells Tracy she’s sure Derrick will be a better singer than Linda’s precious Robert. Tracy’s going back to work after dinner to finish the pastor’s car. He tells Alicia it’s worth it. He’s sure the pastor will start spreading the word and the garage will get lots of business. The next morning at the garage, Tracy’s pleased that there’s another car from church until he finds out it belongs to the pastor’s wife and the pastor expects him to fix it for free. Back at home, Alicia tells Tracy that the pastor’s beginning to work her nerves. He chose Robert for the solo instead of Derrick. The next morning at the garage, Pastor Jones comes in to pick up his wife’s car and Tracy says it will be ready when Derrick gets a solo in the choir. The pastor says he’s sure that if Derrick keeps working on it, he’ll get a solo soon. If he wants the car back, says Tracy, soon will be now. The pastor walks out giving Tracy a look. He’ll be praying for Tracy. At church the next day Alicia’s excited when she hears that Derrick’s getting his solo after all. Tracy tells her how he made that happen. Alicia can’t believe it. Tracy blackmailed the pastor. Brilliant, she says. But Tracy does apologize to Pastor Jones and the pastor apologizes in turn for taking advantage. Tracy says the offer still stands. In that case, the pastor’s sister’s car needs a little work. When Tracy and Alicia hear Robert sing, they’re blown away. Alicia knows that Derrick can’t top that. But Jimmy runs onto the stage, grabs the mic and starts preaching, and D’s solo’s forgotten. Praise the Lord in all his glory, says Jimmy. If you’re with me say Amen!

Tracy Mitchell
Tracy Morgan
Alicia Mitchell
Tamala Jones
Derrick Mitchell
Mark John Jeffries
Jimmy Mitchell
Bobb'e J. Thompson
John Witherspoon
Heavy D (Dwight Myers)
Katt Williams

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