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Episode #110 "Weird Science"


Jimmy and Derrick are discussing the upcoming science fair at school. Derrick thinks it’ll be fun, but to Jimmy it’s boring. A fair should be about bumper cars and corn dogs. Derrick hasn’t decided on his project yet, he tells his mom; he has lots of ideas. And they’ll all get him beaten up in gym, chimes in Jimmy. Science fair’s optional for second graders. Jimmy’s going to pass, so he won’t be a loser. Tracy and Alicia attend a parent-teacher conference, and Jimmy’s teacher is a little concerned that Jimmy doesn’t apply himself. He’s very smart, but his teacher thinks he needs a little encouragement. Back at home, Tracy overreacts as usual. But when Alicia protests, he tells her that if Jimmy starts slacking off now, he could become a lifer, a kid who never graduates from high school. Tracy will get Jimmy to enter the science fair and push him to do the best he can. Derrick decides his project will be about bacteria, and he collects it with Q-Tips all over the house. Alicia’s uneasy about this. She thinks she keeps a very clean house. It doesn’t matter, says Derrick. There’s always some bacteria. Alicia’s adamant. Her house is extremely clean! Derrick’s a little weirded out by his mom’s reaction. Tracy talks to Jimmy and learns that his project is a cotton ball representing a cloud. Alicia freaks out when she learns that Derrick’s collected twenty species of bacteria when expected to find only two or three. Alicia can’t believe it, and she certainly doesn’t want this information broadcast around the school. She grabs a cake mix. Maybe Derrick could take it and add water to show how various compounds react. That would be baking a cake, says Derrick. Tracy takes Jimmy to the garage and tells the guys he needs to come up with an idea for Jimmy’s project. They begin brainstorming, tossing around some very complicated ideas. In the school gym, Derrick’s project is on display. Linda Berry, Alicia’s nemesis, comments on how sad it is for Alicia that her house is so filled with bacteria. She’s sure all the other mothers are going to love Derrick’s project. Spoon and Bernard wheel in Jimmy’s project-a car engine that actually runs. Derrick can’t believe that his dad did this for Jimmy. No one will care about Derrick’s project now. Alicia tells Tracy that this is a bit much, and she doesn’t want Tracy helping Jimmy with the presentation that goes with the project. No matter how it turns out, Jimmy has to do the presentation himself. Jimmy, unconcerned, tells Tracy he has a secret weapon-charisma. Derrick finds Tracy writing away. He’s convinced he needs to give Jimmy more help-he needs that boost, Tracy tells Derrick. Derrick disagrees. Being on your own is really the only way you can learn, says Derrick. Tracy sees Derrick’s point. When Derrick gives his presentation he not only discusses the bacteria he found at home, but also talks about some that he found in the home of his good friend Robert Berry. Linda’s fuming, while Alicia smiles triumphantly. When Jimmy gives his excellent presentation, Alicia accuses Tracy of writing it for him, but in fact Derrick did the writing. He’s my borther, says Derrick. I just gave him a boost!

Tracy Mitchell
Tracy Morgan
Alicia Mitchell
Tamala Jones
Derrick Mitchell
Mark John Jeffries
Jimmy Mitchell
Bobb'e J. Thompson
John Witherspoon
Heavy D (Dwight Myers)
Katt Williams

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