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Episode #111 "The Anniversary"


Alicia’s pleased when she learns that Tracy has something special planned for their fifteenth anniversary. But he won’t tell her what it is. He does say it’s for just the two of them, no kids allowed. For a second, Alicia thought Tracy had forgotten. No way, Tracy assures her. At the garage, Tracy tells the guys he’s taking Alicia to dinner at Chez Martin. He made the reservations four months ago. And he’s going to propose to her the right way. Before, he was broke. He bought a ring at a pawn shop and proposed on the four train outside Yankee Stadium. He shows them the gorgeous diamond ring he has for Alicia. They’re impressed. At home that night, Alicia tells Tracy she has no luck at all finding a babysitter. Derrick offers to watch Jimmy, but Alicia tells him he’s too young. Later, Tracy tells Alicia that he thinks it’s fine for Derrick to baby sit, but Alicia isn’t entirely convinced. But later that evening Tracy tells Derrick that he has the job. Derrick’s thrilled. He won’t let Tracy down. The next night, Tracy and Alicia are getting ready for their date and giving Derrick lengthy last-minute instructions. Derrick assures him everything will be fine. At the restaurant, Alicia’s delighted. She has wanted to come here for years. Alicia goes to the powder room, and Tracy tells the maitre d’ that he’ll pop the question during desert. Everything’s ready; the maitre d’ just needs the ring. Tracy reaches in his pocket, but the ring isn’t there. He asks if he can buy the ring the maitre d’ is wearing, but the answer’s no. At the Mitchell apartment, there’s a knock at the door. It’s Spoon and Bernard who Tracy has called to come and get the ring. But Derrick is sticking to Tracy’s instructions not to open the door for anyone. As Spoon and Bernard get increasingly frustrated, Derrick’s willing to give them a break, but Jimmy insists that they abide by what Tracy has told them to the letter. Bernard and Spoon have no patience with this; they need to get inside! At the restaurant, Tracy’s stalling for time. He says he’s going to the men’s room but ducks outside to meet the guys. He’s in a panic when he realizes they don’t have the ring. The guys go into the restaurant to help stall Alicia. Tracy tells her he has to deal with a faulty alarm at the garage. When he gets home, Tracy realizes that Alicia has the house keys. Derrick, unconvinced that it’s really his dad, refuses to let Tracy in. At the restaurant, Alicia’s had enough. Where’s Tracy? It’s been half an hour. Alicia exits to go look for Tracy. At the apartment, Tracy’s now knocking at the window and demanding to be let in. Alicia comes in with her key and sees Tracy at the window. He explains that he forgot her gift. She’s upset that he abandoned her on their anniversary because of a gift. Besides, she loves the ring she has. But he shows her the new ring, and she loves it too. He proposes again, and Alicia accepts.

Tracy Mitchell
Tracy Morgan
Alicia Mitchell
Tamala Jones
Derrick Mitchell
Mark John Jeffries
Jimmy Mitchell
Bobb'e J. Thompson
John Witherspoon
Heavy D (Dwight Myers)
Katt Williams

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