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Episode #112 "Super Boy"


The Mitchell’s apartment needs a lot of repairs, and Albano, the super, isn’t very cooperative. When Tracy learns that Bobby, Albano’s thirteen-year-old son, is failing math, he strikes a deal for Derrick, the math genius, to tutor Bobby in exchange for Albano doing the needed repairs. Derrick’s not happy about Tracy’s plan. Bobby’s obnoxious and a troublemaker. Alicia sides with Derrick until she hears the other part of the deal. Then she changes her mind and tells Derrick he has to do the tutoring. Albano brings Bobby, who’s disappointed that his tutor isn’t a girl, to the Mitchell apartment. The next day, Bobby shows Derrick how he goes through the tenants’ mail, using a master key. He tells Derrick he has keys to lots of things. Later that day, Ms. Busby shows up at the Mitchell apartment holding Derrick and Bobby by their collars. When she got home they were in her apartment going through her underwear drawer. Shocked, Alicia apologizes profusely. Later, Alicia reminds Tracy that she knew Bobby was a problem kid. She wants Tracy to tell Albano to keep his son away from Derrick. But when Albano says he’ll start working on Tracy’s bathroom and offers Tracy covered parking as well, Tracy caves in. He tells Derrick to continue the tutoring but not to tell his mother. When Bobby shows up while Alicia’s at the apartment, Tracy hides Bobby and gets Alicia and Jimmy out of the house. Then Tracy joins them outside. A little later, Bobby is driving Derrick in Mr. Albano’s car when they’re spotted by Tracy and Alicia. Alicia’s horrified. Later, Tracy and Alicia read Derrick the riot act. How could he have done something so irresponsible? Alicia doesn’t understand why Derrick was with Bobby in the first place when he was specifically told to stay away from him. Tracy admits that he allowed Derrick to continue tutoring so they could have covered parking. Tracy admits he messed up, and he’ll go talk to Albano. At the Albano apartment, Bobby tells Tracy his dad’s at the track and his mom’s in Lauderdale with her new boyfriend. Bobby’s having potato chips for dinner. Tracy realizes that this is why Bobby gets into so much trouble. Tracy tells Bobby that when he was a little kid, he had the same situation. His parents were never around, and he was always getting into trouble. Bobby wasn’t dealt a great hand and that’s not his fault, but that’s the way it is. He should make something of himself, and that can start by making better choices. In the Mitchell kitchen, they’re sitting down to dinner when there’s a knock at the door. It’s Bobby. Tracy invites him to stay for dinner. Alicia’s okay with it as long as he stays away from her underwear drawer.

Tracy Mitchell
Tracy Morgan
Alicia Mitchell
Tamala Jones
Derrick Mitchell
Mark John Jeffries
Jimmy Mitchell
Bobb'e J. Thompson
John Witherspoon
Heavy D (Dwight Myers)
Katt Williams

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