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Episode #113 "Christmas"


Tracy, Alicia and the kids are decorating their first live Christmas tree. Jimmy has his letter to Santa, and Derrick can’t believe he still writes these letters. Tracy informs Derrick that he still writes to Santa himself. Later, Alicia opens Jimmy’s letter. She tells Tracy she wishes she had one from Derrick too. It’s so hard to figure out what he wants. She reads in Jimmy’s letter that he did something bad this year. He accidentally ruined his dad’s Planet of the Apes DVDs when he put them on the radiator. But he made Tracy think that Tracy had done it himself. Tracy’s not happy that Jimmy lied to his face, and he wants to go talk to him about it, but Alicia tells him not to say anything, because then Jimmy will know that they opened the letter. Alicia asks Derrick what he wants for Christmas, pretending that his grandma wants to know. He’d like the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. The next morning, Jimmy comes in, and Tracy asks him if he slept well. Jimmy slept great. Tracy then tells him a story about a little boy who lied to his father. Jimmy still doesn’t get it. At the garage, Christmas music is playing. Freddie wants to know why the black man can’t come up with one good Christmas song. The stuff they’re listening to now has no soul. Tracy’s still upset about Jimmy. Spoon tells him to get over it. Kids lie; that’s a fact. Tracy, Jimmy and Bernard go to Santa’s Village at the mall. Tracy takes Santa aside and gives him fifty bucks to tell Jimmy that if he doesn’t tell his dad the truth he won’t get any presents. At home, Alicia finds Derrick reading Lord of the Rings. She’s really ticked off when she finds out he got it at the library. His “grandmother” fought the crowds at the mall to get him exactly what he wanted. Back at the mall, Santa’s helper informs everyone that Santa will be back tomorrow. Santa’s not going anywhere until he sees Jimmy, Tracy tells the helper. He confronts Santa and demands his fifty dollars back, but Santa tells him to come back tomorrow. Tracy grabs Santa’s pocket, and a fight starts. Jimmy nervously asks why his dad’s beating up on Santa Claus. That evening, Derrick tells Alicia he needs to buy a gift for a girl at school who’s older and probably likes the same things his mom does. Alicia’s sure the present’s meant for her, so she suggests bath oils and maybe a personal massager. Jimmy and Tracy come in. Jimmy’s upset about the fight. Santa will never come to their house again. Alicia isn’t happy with Tracy. He bribed and then beat up Santa? The next day, Tracy goes to the mall and persuades a very reluctant Santa to come by his house. At the garage, the guys are working on a Christmas song, but so far they’re not making much progress. That night, Santa visits the Mitchell home. He reassures Jimmy that he’s still on Santa’s list, and, after Tracy reminds him, he says that Santa doesn’t bring presents to people who tell lies. Jimmy jumps in and busts Tracy and Alicia on a couple of lies that they told each other. Later, when dinner’s over, Jimmy wants to give Tracy his present. He’s sorry he wrecked Tracy’s DVDs, but he didn’t want to tell Tracy until he could replace them. Here’s a new set that Jimmy saved his allowance for four months to buy. Alicia’s shocked when she gets an oven mitt from Derrick. What about the bath oils? They really were for a girl at school. And the guys stand up and perform the Christmas song that they wrote.

Tracy Mitchell
Tracy Morgan
Alicia Mitchell
Tamala Jones
Derrick Mitchell
Mark John Jeffries
Jimmy Mitchell
Bobb'e J. Thompson
John Witherspoon
Heavy D (Dwight Myers)
Katt Williams

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