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Episode #117 "Class Clown"


When Jimmy gets a note from his teacher, he thinks she has a crush on him, but Derrick says he's probably in trouble. Alicia tells Tracy that Jimmy's teacher wants to see them at school the next day. Tracy asks Jimmy if he knows what this is about. The teacher's probably throwing him a surprise party, Jimmy guesses. In Jimmy's classroom, his teacher, Ms. Langworthy, tells Tracy and Alicia that her classroom has turned into the Jimmy Mitchell Variety Hour, and she's the straight man. Tracy doesn't take this very seriously, but Alicia promises that they'll talk to Jimmy. Back at home, Alicia tells Tracy that of course he doesn't think this is a big deal. He clowned around school himself. The boy's just having a little fun, says Tracy, and keeping the kids coming back to an otherwise boring class. No, says Alicia, Jimmy is being rude and disruptive. She needs some help here. Tracy just doesn't want to crush the kid's spirit. Alicia tells Jimmy that they spoke to his teacher. The teacher isn't happy with Jimmy's behavior, and Alicia doesn't blame her. Alicia knows Jimmy thinks it's fun being the class clown. Tracy chimes in that he knows it is, because he was the same way. He then tells Jimmy about some of his best routines. Jimmy cracks up. Alicia tells Jimmy that if they hear from the teacher again, he'll be grounded. The next day at the garage, Tracy tells the guys he has to go to Jimmy's school. His teacher has it in for him and is making a big deal out of nothing. At school, Ms. Langworthy tells Tracy that she's figured out Jimmy's problem. He's acting up, because he's bored. Maybe he isn't being challenged enough in class. He scored well on an aptitude test she gave him, so she's moving Jimmy into a class for gifted students. At home, Tracy and Alicia explain to Jimmy that he did so well on the aptitude test that they want to put him in the enrichment program, the same one Derrick is in. This makes no sense to Derrick. It can't be happening. But Tracy's just proud that his boys are so smart. Later Derrick tells Jimmy that he's in for a big surprise. He'll be out of his league in the new class. In the gifted class, the teacher leaves for a few minutes, and Jimmy starts cracking jokes. Derrick's embarrassed, but his classmate Simone thinks Jimmy is funny. Derrick decides to give Jimmy a little competition. They start playing around with Bob and Betty, two skeletons that are in the classroom until one of the skeletons' heads falls onto the floor at the feet of the teacher who has just returned. This time Tracy and Alicia get two notes from school. Tracy tells Jimmy he's grounded for a week. Tracy may have been the class clown, but he knew when to stop. He can't defend Jimmy's behavior anymore. It finally dawns on Jimmy that his dad is absolutely serious. Later, Tracy tells Alicia that he has a hard time punishing Jimmy for something he used to do.

Tracy Mitchell
Tracy Morgan
Alicia Mitchell
Tamala Jones
Derrick Mitchell
Mark John Jeffries
Jimmy Mitchell
Bobb'e J. Thompson
John Witherspoon
Heavy D (Dwight Myers)
Katt Williams

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