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Episode #104 "Once Bitten"


Rita shows Mavis Buddy, a ferret that she and Courtney have just adopted from the animal shelter. Black people put out traps for weasels, Mavis informs her. It's a ferret, protests Rita. In her country, it's a picnic, Jadwiga comments. It's a health hazard and Mavis wants it out of her hotel. Courtney wishes Mavis would say something nice to Rita for a change. She's the woman he loves. Rita takes Buddy out of his cage, so Mavis can get a closer look, and the ferret bites Mavis. Nasim tries to administer first aid, but Courtney wants Mavis to go to the hospital. No way, says Mavis. Hospitals mess you up, give you a bill for 14 million dollars and then your insurance company drops you. No hospital! That's nonsense, says Courtney. We have the best hospitals in the world. He'd feel a lot better if Mavis would get the bite checked out. Mavis relents. Her finger's killing her, so she and Nasim head for the emergency room. In the hospital waiting room, Mavis just wants to get a shot and get out of there. What she gets is a clipboard with a bunch of forms and a request for her insurance card. Rita comes in. She works at this hospital. She's sorry about what Buddy did, and she wants to hook Mavis up. Stubbornly Mavis says that she's doesn't need Rita's help; she'll be fine. The nurse informs Mavis that she'll need pre-authorization from the insurance company before she can be treated. Back at the hotel, Courtney's concerned about Buddy. He's been acting weird since he bit Mavis. He's going to take Buddy to the vet. Back at the hospital, it seems as if Mavis has been waiting forever. She demands to see a doctor. She has a gold card. Everyone has a gold card, she's informed. Mavis decides she'd better get Rita to help her, but now Rita has an attitude. Courtney calls Mavis on her cell phone and tells her he's at the vet. Buddy's ill, but he has White Dolphin Insurance, Platinum! Courtney's being served Earl Grey and biscotti. A nurse comes by and confiscates Mavis's phone. If Courtney's at the vet, who's running her hotel? Jadwiga, says Nasim. Mavis continues to wait as other more seriously injured people go to the head of the line. The nurse calls Shannon O'Leary's name. Mavis stands up. Aye and Begorrah-she's Shannon! She's given a hospital gown, and a technician gets ready to start the procedure-a colonoscopy. Mavis desperately calls Rita. She's in big trouble. They're trying to do something bad to her. Rita instructs the nurse to put Mavis on an R-9. Only hospital insiders have any idea what this means, but it's music to Mavis's ears. At the vet's office, Courtney is told that Buddy will be okay. Courtney gets very emotional. This has made him remember his pet kitten Snowflake who came to an unfortunate end. The vet is extremely sympathetic. At the hospital, the doctor gives Mavis a shot and some pain pills. Her finger will be back to normal in a couple of days. Mavis bites the bullet and sincerely thanks Rita for taking care of her. Rita gives her a hug. They're going to be tight-shopping, make-up. Later, Mavis tells her.


Mavis Rae
Whoopi Goldberg
Wren T. Brown
Omid Djalili
Elizabeth Regen

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