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Episode #105 "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes"


Mavis is frantically trying to get tickets to a sold-out Rangers hockey game. She asks Nasim if he can find tickets for her online. Right now, he's finding love on the internet, Nasim tells her. Mavis tells Courtney that he needs to get a job with the Rangers so she can get tickets! Rita suggests maybe Mavis should get hooked up online, so she'd be in a better mood. Later, Nasim's still looking online for a ticket for Mavis. Jadwiga suggests RangerSingles.com, and Nasim gives it a shot. Later, Nasim tells Mavis he's found a guy who has a spare ticket for the next three games and will sell them at face value. Who knows what might happen, observes Rita. Nothing, Mavis tells her. Later, Nasim rushes into the lobby. He's ready for his date. She's requested that he wear a tool belt. Rita thinks that's pretty wild for a first date. At Madison Square Garden, Mavis is delighted to find that she has a fabulous seat. She introduces herself to Marshall, a clean cut, good looking man who happens to be blind. Mavis, who also is wearing dark glasses, comments that everyone will think they're two black, blind hockey fans. Back at the hotel, Nasim tells Jadwiga about his date. He spent most of the night fixing her furnace, but when he was finished she spanked him. At the hockey game, Mavis tells Marshall he really knows how to hook a sister up. Wait until she sees the restaurant they're going to after the game, he responds. And afterward champagne and a hot tub at his place. No way, says Mavis. She's going straight home. What about her ad? Mavis doesn't know what the ad said, but she's only here to watch hockey! The next morning, Mavis asks Nasim what he put in the ad. He said she was desperate, liked the action rough and was a screamer. Mavis tells Sophia that she's not going on any more blind dates and especially not blind, blind dates. She is, however, going to continue to use the hockey tickets. She paid a lot for them. Nasim shows up for his second date and brings a lovely picnic. Abby, his date, wants some bookshelves built, but he wants a little romance. Romance? They haven't even had sex, says Abby. Nasim refuses to be used as an object, and Abby says he can leave. At the next hockey game, Mavis tries unsuccessfully to sneak into her seat. Marshall says he's glad she came back in spite of their misunderstanding. It's no big deal, Mavis tells him, but Marshall still hasn't accepted that she's just there for the hockey. When the Rangers score he tries to use that as an opportunity to kiss her. The next morning Marshall sends flowers and an apology. Mavis just wants Nasim to get her money back for the other ticket. Marshall comes by to apologize in person. He has a surprise for her. Anson Carter and Scott Stevens come in. Some of the Rangers and Devils do charity work for his foundation. Nasim grabs a camera. Everybody smile! Marshall asks for a hug and Mavis goes along, but when he grabs her ass she beats him with his cane.

Mavis Rae
Whoopi Goldberg
Wren T. Brown
Omid Djalili
Elizabeth Regen

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