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Episode #106 "She Ain't Heavy, She's My Partner"


When Mavis hears that one of her former singing partners has died, she assumes it's Florence, a real witch. So long, Florence! but Courtney informs her it was Lana, her other partner. Mavis' joy evaporates. The funeral's scheduled for Friday. Later, Jadwiga and Nasim are looking at a tape of Mavis' old group, the Ebony Blackbirds. Nasim remarks that Florence seems to be falling out of her dress. No accident, Mavis snorts. The lobby bell dings. It's none other than Florence, and she wants a room. Mavis is less than thrilled. Florence starts flirting with Nasim at once as he shows her to her room. If Mavis is interested, Jadwiga says her husband knows someone who could make Florence "go away." Nasim tells Courtney that Florence has just checked in. Courtney taken by surprise and clearly doesn't want to discuss her. Florence enters, greeting Courtney warmly and giving him a hug. He stands stiffly with his hands at his sides. Florence suggests they have a drink and catch up and exits just as Rita arrives. She wants to know what's going on. Courtney feigns ignorance and Mavis tells her to let it go. Rita says she may have to knock Florence out of her shows and slide her to the wall. Courtney confesses that he and Florence had sex once on Thanksgiving a long time ago and years before he met Rita. Rita tells Courtney that Florence is after him. That's the real reason she's here. That evening Mavis is watching Florence being interviewed on TV about Lana's death. In the interview, she says that Mavis no longer sings; now she runs a little motel. Mavis is beside herself. She knows Florence will try to show her up at Lana's funeral. Well Mavis has a surprise for Florence. Lana's funeral's going to be all about Mavis. The next day, Mavis tells Jadwiga that it's always been the same. Florence is pretty, rich and skinny, and now Mavis is going to have to lose sixty pounds in two days to get into a dress. Later, Courtney and Nasim are in the lobby when Florence comes in. She send Nasim off on an errand and turns her attention to the very uncomfortable Courtney. Rita enters looking for a fight. This is her man! Florence quickly exits. At the funeral, Mavis, who has strained every muscle in her body trying to get in shape, hobbles in. All of a sudden her pain pills kick in. That's more like it! Florence goes to the podium to eulogize Lana. Mavis makes cutting asides to Nasim and then gets up to say a few words of her own. Mavis and Florence begin trading insults and accusations. Mavis stops, realizing that this should really be about Lana. She talks directly to Lana and then pulls off some accessories and reveals her true self. She's Mavis Rae! Everyone chimes in, telling the truth about themselves, even Florence, who admits that she's broke and her career is in the toilet. Mavis admits that she's wished Florence dead many times but never broke. That's the nicest thing anyone has ever said to Florence. Mavis and Florence hug. They declare that they're still friends.

Mavis Rae
Whoopi Goldberg
Wren T. Brown
Omid Djalili
Elizabeth Regen

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