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Episode #108 "Rita Plays Poker"


Mavis, Sophia and three other women are playing poker in Mavis' kitchen. Diane, hugely pregnant, announces that her contractions are starting. Mavis yells for Nasim to get Diane a cab. She hobbles out. Relieved, all the other women light cigarettes. Courtney's hard at work on some legal briefs. He's free-lancing in hopes it will turn into a full-time job, he tells Mavis, who has just come in. Rita's bored. She could be home watching her UPN tapes. Jadwiga enters. Mavis asks if she'd like to play poker but changes her mind when Jadwiga says she'll bring her knife. They need a fifth to continue their game! Nasim sits in briefly, but the woman talk gets to him. He can't take it. Courtney asks Mavis to do him a favor and invite Rita to play. Mavis isn't keen on the idea. She's not a babysitter, and her poker night is sacred. Courtney adds that the work he's doing could enable him to pay some rent. Mavis yells for Rita; they're playing cards! Rita sits down and deals. The cards fly. Rita's a natural. She bums a cigarette from Mavis. Don't worry; she'll handle Courtney. Later Courtney comes in to find the women drinking beer, smoking and playing cards. Rita has all the money. He's ready to go, but she can't walk out on the game. He's shocked when one of the women refers to a personal matter between himself and Rita. Then the women start making fun of his very proper way of speaking. Enough! Courtney exits. Later, Courtney's still waiting for Rita, and Nasim calls him Mr. Whippy. Rita comes in laughing with the other women. She's has a great night. She asks when they're playing again. Wednesday. Impossible, says Courtney, they have a date. Is he saying that Rita can't play? Courtney and Rita get into a full-blown fight with everyone else looking on. Mavis escorts them out and instructs them to kiss and make up. Not anytime soon, says Rita, as she exits. The next morning Mavis and Nasim find a depressed Courtney at the kitchen table wrapped in a blanket, drinking chocolate milk and watching television. Mavis reminds him he has a meeting in an hour. Rita won't take his calls, Courtney whines. Mavis orders Nasim to take Courtney upstairs and get him dressed. Nasim blames Mavis for luring Rita to her dark side. That's a Star Wars think, not a black thing, Mavis tells him. Mavis goes to get Rita a takes money to buy flowers. Mavis arrives at Rita's apartment with flowers in hand. There's a cab downstairs, and they're getting in it. Rita and Courtney need to talk, says Mavis. Mavis would like to strangle Rita but plays at being her girlfriend, trying to convince Rita that Courtney really does lover her and that the two are meant to be together. Mavis will do anything so Courtney can focus on his work. When Mavis and Rita get back to the hotel, Jadwiga says that two lawyers are here but Courtney is not. Upstairs, Nasim is trying to get Courtney into his suit jacket. He's mostly dressed but disheveled. Mavis brings Rita in. Rita says she's here, but she doesn't think they can get back together. Mavis lays down some ground rules. Rita's playing poker whether Courtney likes it or not, and Rita can't be rubbing on Courtney when he's working. And one more thing-no signs of affection in front of Mavis. it gives her gas! She leaves them to make up. Minutes later, Courtney's still upstairs , and Nasim reports that they're really, really making up. But soon Courtney comes down perfectly dressed to deliver the legal briefs.

Mavis Rae
Whoopi Goldberg
Wren T. Brown
Omid Djalili
Elizabeth Regen

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