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Episode #109 "Mother's Little Helper"


Mavis freaks out when Courtney tells her he's invited their parents to meet Rita and that they'll be arriving at the hotel that afternoon. Viveca, her mother, is mean, a bitch actually, Mavis tells Rita. Courtney assures Rita that Mavis is exaggerating, although he does concede that their mother has a temper and can be disagreeable at times. The parents arrive, and Viveca is sweetness and light. Someone must be dying, Mavis concludes. Her dad assures her that everyone is fine; Viveca has just mellowed out in Florida. She's having a good time with her friends. Friends? Mavis is amazed. Viveca meets Rita and is extremely gracious. She tells Courtney that Rita's a keeper. Rita suggests that the three ladies have a spa day tomorrow which is not Mavis' idea of a good time. The next day, Courtney and his dad are playing Scrabble when Mavis comes in. Lawrence asks about ladies' day. Mom and Rita are like two peas in a pod, reports Mavis. She can't figure out what's up with her mom. Lawrence confesses that Viveca's on Zolox, the anti-depressant. Courtney's concerned. Why should his mom need mind-altering drugs? It seems as if all of America's medicated. Viveca's been taking the pills for a few months, their dad tells them. Viveca comes in and says that a bag from the drugstore is missing from her bathroom. Mavis calls Jadwiga who reports that she found a bag on the bathroom floor, thought it was trash and threw it away. In a matter of minutes, Viveca is complaining, and Mavis knows that her real mother is back. Courtney enters, and Mavis tells him the news. At first, Courtney's in denial, but it soon becomes clear that Viveca needs her medication. Behind the hotel, Nasim and Lawrence are in the dumpster looking for the pills. The doctor's unreachable until Monday, and they're desperate. Lawrence comes up with the pills at last. Later, Lawrence reports that Viveca refuses to take the pills. Mavis talks to her mom. The woman who came to her hotel was a woman Mavis could actually like, a woman with a very happy husband. Too bad. Viveca doesn't feel like taking the pills! Later, Sophia suggest that they all gang up on Viveca. Mavis says they can't force medication on her; she's not a racehorse. But Viveca continues on her rampage and no one has any peace. Rita tells Viveca that she's read that families-especially husbands and children-cause the majority of depression in America. Yes, chimes in Mavis. The story was in Readers Digest. Satisfied, Viveca calms down and starts to take the pills but stops. She doesn't remember reading anything like that in Readers Digest. She calls Rita a two-bit tart, not good enough for her son. Courtney won't stand for this. He storms out. Viveca take a pill and downs it with water. Later, as the parents depart, with Viveca all sunshine again, Courntey observes that he's learned that some people can benefit from medication. Clearly, his mother is one. Maybe Mavis would too. her only response is to show him the door.

Mavis Rae
Whoopi Goldberg
Wren T. Brown
Omid Djalili
Elizabeth Regen

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