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Episode #111 "American Woman"


When Mavis smells pot smoke in the lobby, she tracks it to the second floor room of Norman and Marian, an elderly man and woman. They're smoking medicinal marijuana with four of their friends. Norman says he can't smoke at home, becaue his son's too judgemental. Mavis doesn't care what they do, but they have to keep the smoke out of the hallway. Later, Mavis is talking to Nasim who has just returned from citizenship class. He has a list of six things that could disqualify an applicant for citizenship, including use of illicit drugs. Courtney enters and starts to comment on this, but Mavis silences him. But Courtney feels that Nasim has a right to know. Nasim says he'll call the police, but Mavis stops him. It's a bunch of senior citizens, and it's medicinal marijuana which really helps people. Courtney brings up the Patriot Act. They have a responsibility to report a crime being committed. Besides, they need to set a good example for Nasim who's trying to become a citizen. Nasim suggests asking the people to leave, but Mavis protests. These people are old and ill she says at which point Marian enters asking where they can get some burritos. Courtney goes to the smokers' room and asks them to refrain from their illicit activities. They burst out laughing. Indignant as he is, Courtney can't resist eating several of their delicious lemon squares. Later, Sophia tells Mavis that Courtney has asked the smokers to leave. Mavis tells Courtney to leave these people along just as she realizes that Courtney is high. He isn't stoned, he protests; he's just happy. Courtney offers Mavis a lemon square that the nice old lady made. Nasim and his friend Farzad are studying for their citizenship class when Norman comes in. Nasim asks him a question from class about presidential succession, and Norman's paranoia kicks in. He leaves to find a phone to report a suspicious Arab. Later, Norman, with two cops, approaches Nasim, who's still studying. The cops slap handcuffs on him and start to lead him out. Nasim calls for Mavis who comes in with Sophia and Jadwiga. The cops ask for someone to vouch for Nasim. Mavis assures them he works for her, he's Persian, and he's studying to become a citizen. The cops apologize and exit. Later that night, Nasim asks Mavis how she can square indoor smoking, gambling and letting people smoke pot in her hotel with good citizenship. You have to follow laws, says Mavis, but you also have to be a good person and follow your heart.

Mavis Rae
Whoopi Goldberg
Wren T. Brown
Omid Djalili
Elizabeth Regen

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