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Episode #112 "The Fat and the Frivolous"


When Sammy, an unpleasant and extremely large man, checks into the hotel, he manages to offend Mavis and Jadwiga in the first few minutes he's there. He announces he'll be taking a nap and disappears upstairs. Moments later there's a thunderous crash. The chandelier shakes. Mavis, Nasim and Jadwiga rush to Sammy's room. The bed broke, and he's suing. Later, Mavis asks Courtney if he thinks Sammy will sue. It happens every day, says Courtney, and people sue for the most frivolous reasons. Hasn't anyone ever heard of personal responsibility, asks Mavis. Mavis thinks it's the lawyers who are causing all the trouble. She insists that Courtney take her case pro bono. The next day Mavis informs Courtney that the bed-breaker's asking for 25 thousand dollars for personal injuries. Courtney tells her not to be concerned; he's only posturing. Courtney has done some research and found that Sammy has sued seven other hotels for similar things and won. Juries tend to favor the little guy over big business. Mavis protests that she's not big business, and Sammy certainly isn't a little guy! Sammy's also claiming emotional distress. Courtney will contact Sammy's lawyers. It's obviously a frivolous lawsuit, and they'll want to settle. Mavis won't settle. Courtney sees her point; it's time to take a stand. But everything changes when he finds out that Sammy's lawyer is F. Thomas Erickson. He runs upstairs, very upset. He can't do it, he tell Mavis. A little later, Courtney confesses that he lost a huge case to Erickson. The man is sneaky, ruthless and people love him. Courtney's seriously intimidated, but Rita convinces that he's strong enough to take on Erickson. Courtney stages a mock arbitration to prepare Mavis for the real thing. Courtney questions Mavis and plays the part of Erickson. Rita plays the judge. Courtney warns Mavis to keep her composure no matter what. Courtney goes on the attack, just as Erickson would do, and before long Mavis falls apart. Later, Sophia advises Mavis to settle. This Erickson guy is good. Besides, Mavis needs to face reality. Justice is not about what's right. The next day, in the arbitration conference room, Sammy's putting on a good show and coming off like a nice guy. Erickson then turns to Mavis. He asks about the hotel's bed safety inspection program. There isn't one. He has no more questions. Courtney protests that this is a frivolous lawsuit. Mavis jumps in and brings up the personal responsibility issue. After a short recess, the judge comments that Mavis has some strong opinions, but she agrees. She's throwing the suit out. Common sense, muses Erickson. He didn't see that one coming!

Mavis Rae
Whoopi Goldberg
Wren T. Brown
Omid Djalili
Elizabeth Regen

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