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Episode #113 "Airplane"


Mavis isn't happy that her group's annual poker trip is set for Paradise Island, Bahamas. She's not going, because she refuses to get on a plane. Too bad! Everyone else is set to go. Rita tries to persuade Mavis to go. She paints an enticing picture of the Bahamas-the beach, the waves, the lobster and drinking all day long. Mavis has to go! Rita asks if there's anything Mavis can take for her fear of flying. Absolutely, says Mavis, a bus! The next day, Mavis walks in while Nasim and Jadwiga are discussing her phobia. Everyone needs to drop this subject, she tells them. Rita and Courtney come in, and Rita announces that she's signed Mavis up for a fear of flying class. Later, Mavis tells Sophia that this is pointless. She's not getting on a plane. The following day Nasim, Courtney and Rita escort Mavis to class. Nasim and Courtney lift a freaked-out Mavis and try to hoist her into the flight simulator. She resists and bolts but is immediately escored back by the women in her poker group. Everyone manhandles her into the jetway. Captain Anderson, a psychologist with a pilot's license, is teaching the class. Mavis challenges everything he says and manages to alarm the other students as she regales them with everything that can go wrong on a flight. Back at the hotel, Jadwiga shows Courtney and Nasim a skimpy bathing suit that Rita has bought for the trip. She'll definitely be surrounded by beefcake! Courtney can't believe Rita would wear something like that. Back at the class, as the simulated flight begins, Mavis tries to get up and leave, but Rita, who's sitting beside her, attempts to restrain her. Mavis gets hysterical, and Rita slaps her. Mavis is furious. She calls Rita a wanna-be black and a stupid, spoiled rich girl. Rita fires back, and it's a full-blown fight which ends when Mavis slaps Rita back. Suddenly the entire cabin slams to the left, and everyone screams. Everyone follows Mavis in a stampede to the exit. Back at the hotel, Courtney tells Nasim that he doesn't like the idea of Rita going to the Bahamas without him. Mavis comes in. The simulator crashed. It was a message from God, and this time Mavis got it. Rita got it too. There's no way they're flying anywhere.

Mavis Rae
Whoopi Goldberg
Wren T. Brown
Omid Djalili
Elizabeth Regen

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