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Episode #114 "Is Rita Pregnant?"


Rita announces to the poker group that she thinks she's pregnant. All the signs are there. She's trying to think of a way to tell Courtney. Mavis says maybe Rita isn't pregnant. It could be mad cow disease. The next day, Nasim and Jadwiga are off to Connecticut to buy Powerball Lottery tickets. The prize is ninety-seven million this week. Rita tells them she's pregnant just as Courtney comes in. "Congratulations, you stud," says Nasim. Rita breaks the news. Courtney is stunned and can't believe Rita told the poker club before she told him. Rita would like him to pretend to be a little happy. Courtney says he's just taken aback. Jadwiga implies that she knows a good abortionist in Queens. Courtney acts shocked but says that he does believe in a woman's right to choose. Courtney asks Rita if she's absolutely sure. Rita exits saying she'll go to the pharmacy and pick up a pregnancy test. Mavis asks Courtney what he plans to do about this. She has some sisterly advice. If he insists on having this relationship, he'd better get his life together. A little later, Rita comes into the kitchen holding a test strip. She'll know in a few minutes. Mavis wonders why Courtney isn't here to share this magic moment. Rita's mad at him. The man had better clear his head. Mavis asks Rita what she'll do if she is pregnant, because Rita needs to know that Mavis isn't going to be doing any babysitting. On the way to Connecticut, Jadwiga tells Nasim that Courtney should have bought a lottery ticket. If anyone needs some luck, he does. Back in the kitchen, Mavis tells Rita that if Courtney had a job and he and Rita were deeper into their relationship, she'd be all for their having kids. Rita asks if she's serious. You never can tell, says Mavis. Rita picks up the stick, looks at it and exits. Is she pregnant or not, wonders Mavis. Later, Courtney comes into the lobby and tells Mavis that he took her advice and got a job. Rita comes in and says she has some news. Courtney does too. He has a job. He gets down on one knee and takes out a ring box. Rita gasps. He says he's not a man to shirk his obligation and asks her to marry him. Rita says she can't. Would he be down on his knees if she weren't pregnant? Well, she's not. Rita hands him the ring box. He had a lot to say about obligations but nothing about love. She's no one's obligation! Rita exits. Mavis asks Courtney why the hell he'd propose when he didn't know for sure that Rita was pregnant. Courtney says he did the honorable thing. Rita's more concerned that he needs her and loves her, says Mavis. Later, at a truck stop, Jadwiga buys over seventy lottery tickets for friends and family. Nasim buys one. He's sure he'll win with his lucky numbers. The next night the poker group reconvenes with Nasim sitting in for Rita. They discuss Rita's pregnancy scare in great detail, and the conversation turns political. It isn't politics when it's happening to you, observes Mavis. Later that night, Rita comes into the bar with a cardboard box. It's Courtney's stuff that he left at her place. Rita says that it's over with Courtney. Courtney comes in, and Rita tells him goodbye. They stand there for a minute. Courtney says he doesn't always say the right thing but he does know that he lovers her. Rita feels the same way, and if he ever proposes again she wants it to be the happiest day of his life. Courtney assures her it will be.

Mavis Rae
Whoopi Goldberg
Wren T. Brown
Omid Djalili
Elizabeth Regen

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