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Episode #115 "Title"


Soo Lin's getting married, and Mavis tells her she needs a bachelorette party with lots of drinks. That night Mavis, Rita, Sophia, Danielle and Soo Lin are ready for a ladies' night out. They're dressed upscale and hot. Nasim is the designated driver. Courtney asks Nasim to call him every fifteen minutes. They're squeezed in the van, and Soo Lin's on her cell phone arguing with Jerry, her fiancÚ, about the wedding. They arrive at a hip, trendy spot and the bouncer sends them to the back of the line until Mavis tells him that Soo Lin is Connie Chung. They're in! They're seated, and the management has sent Champagne. Soo Lin's cell phone rings, and she resumes her argument with Jerry. It's nine-thirty, and Mavis is already tired. Sophia gets out a flask from her party purse and pours some drinks. Rita dances up and urges Mavis and Sophia to get up a join the party. The bride-to-be is dirty dancing with some guy, and when the music ends they kiss. Soo Lin comes back to the table. Jerry's a nice guy, she announces, but not for her. At the bar, Nasim tells a fascinated young woman that he's an escort. Several drinks later, Mavis and Sophia are very drunk. The next time Soo Lin's phone rings, they grab it and Mavis tells Jerry the wedding's off. The next morning Mavis is at the desk, painfully hung over. She goes out for a cigarette with Sophia. They both laugh hysterically and hold their heads in pain. Did you wake up with a strange guy in your bed this morning, asks Mavis. Two, says Sophia, but they were making out with each other. Later, Courtney asks Mavis if Rita came home with her last night and demands to know what happened. None of his business, says Mavis. A group of Chinese women comes in and they start yelling at Mavis in Chinese. Soo Lin comes in. It's her mother and her friends. Mavis exits to the kitchen. Moments later Soo Lin comes in and asks mavis if she talked to Jerry last night. Sophia tells her she did, says Mavis. She's really sorry. Soo Lin never wanted a big wedding. She loves Jerry, but the big wedding is all for his family. Better tell him that, says Mavis, and hands her a cell phone.

It's girls' night out when Mavis and the gang take Soo Lin out for a bachelorette party.


Mavis Rae
Whoopi Goldberg
Wren T. Brown
Omid Djalili
Elizabeth Regen

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