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Episode #116 "The Last Dance"


When Mavis gives Nasim a pomegranate, compliments Jadwigaís work and is absolutely cheery to Courtney and Rita, they all know that somethingís up. Mavis reveals that her special friend Tony, who choreographed her act in Vegas, is in town. Courtney doesnít like him. He thinks heís so smooth, and heís been in jail. He blows into town-all hair, muscles and cat-like dance moves. Rita thinks he sounds hot. Mavis goes all out to get beautified. She even has a bikini wax. That evening, Rita and Courtney are there as Mavis comes into the lobby dressed for her date. Tony comes in and he and Mavis greet each other warmly. Rita, impressed, says sheís heard he dances like a cat. Mavis tells her to back off. Ritaís hot, Tony tells Courtney. Keep it in your pants, Courtney warns. At a Cuban restaurant, Mavis orders two Mojitos, but Tony says heíll just have water. He explains that he doesnít drink anymore. Heís found Jesus, and he wants Jesus to find Mavis. Mavis is having a difficult time taking this all in. Tony explains that he had a motorcycle accident and a near-death experience. Thatís when he saw Jesus and knew he had to change his life. No more drinking, no smoking, no sex. No sex? Mavis is mystified. Well, at least they still have the rhumba. No more dancing, says Tony. Itís nothing but musical foreplay. Tony wants them to pray. Mavis calls for the check. The next night, Mavis is in the kitchen with Rita, Nasim, Sophia, Soo Lin and Danielle. She tells them about Tony. He found Jesus, and heís a mess. He wanted her to pray in the club! Everything has changed. He wonít even rhumba. Sophia tells her to quit being a martyr. If anyone can lead a man back to lust and sin, itís Mavis. The next night, Mavis and Tony are back at the Cuban restaurant. Mavis gives the DJ a twenty to play their song. Mavis gets up and starts dancing by herself. Tony canít resist. He pulls Mavis in tightly, and they do a fierce, hot rhumba. They effortlessly work the whole dance floor. Dancing couples clear the floor and watch in awe. They end with a big finish, and the patrons applaud. The next morning, Mavis and Tony come into the kitchen. Mavis is in a robe, and Tony is in his clothes from last night. Tonyís glad this happened. It showed him heís still a man of the flesh. And Mavis seems to remember something about God being forgiving.

Mavis Rae
Whoopi Goldberg
Wren T. Brown
Omid Djalili
Elizabeth Regen

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