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Episode #117"What Child Is This"


There's something wrong with the hotel furnace, and Nasim is doing his best to fix it. It's so cold that Mavis can see her breath. Danny, an eight-year-old, steps up to the desk. He's cold, it's a crappy hotel, and there's nothing to do here. He grabs Mavis's favorite pen, makes a rocket ship noise and throws it down the open heater vent. Mavis wants him out of her sight-now! Later, Mavis and Nasim are in hardware store where they're joined by Courtney. A little girl comes up to Mavis and pokes her with a toy drill. Mavis politely asks her to stop twice and then grabs the drill. The little girl runs off crying. Courtney explains to Nasim that Mavis doesn't like kids; she had to baby sit him a lot. Rita's helping out in the hotel bar where she meets Stan. He's with the Presidents re-election campaign. Rita tells Stan that her boyfriend listens to the President's radio address every Saturday. Stan's impressed. Later, in the lobby, little Danny's making rude remarks to Mavis. Courtney warns him to watch his language. Where the hell are this kid's parents, Mavis wants to know. Where's the game room, Danny asks. At the Sheraton, says Mavis. Rita comes in and tells them there's a guy in the bar who works for the President. This hotel sucks, says Danny. Go tell you parents that so they won't stay here anymore, suggests Mavis. Rita introduces Courtney to Stan. She told Stan that Courtney's looking for work. Stan's in New York settingup the campaign office. Stan invites Courtney to come and work for them. In the lobby, Danny climbs on the couch and starts bouncing. As he bounces, he asks Mavis obnoxious questions. He starts to pull the handle of the fire alarm. Mavis swings toward him catching him squarely on the buttock. Stan enters from the lounge followed by Courtney and Rita. He tells Courtney that Danny is his son. Some mean lady hit him, says Danna. Rita says it was Mavis. Who's Mavis, asks Stan. Courtney says he doesn't know any Mavis. In the kitchen, Mavis tells Courtney she barely touched the kid. Mavis is going to tell his dad he can't just leave his kid in the lobby all day. His dad just offered him a job with the President's re-election campaign. She can't mess it up. Mavis says she'll talk to the guy but won't tell him she's Courtney's sister. Courtney can live with that. That night, Mavis goes to Stan's room to talk to him. While he was drinking in the bar, Stan wasn't even thinking about his kid, Mavis tells him. Insulted, Stan says he'll be checking out in the morning. Later that night, Mavis is playing poker with her friends. When did it become illegal to discipline kids, Mavis asks. The next morning, Stan comes in the lobby looking for Danny. He soon learns that Nasim has been playing with Danny. Stan berates Mavis. He'll never stay in another boutique hotel. He's had enough of her attitude and her ignorance. Courtney jumps to her defense. Stan's talking to his sister! And furthermore, Courtney finds Danny truculent and a little rude. if this jeopardizes his job, so be it. Nonsense, says Stan. You start Monday.

Mavis loses it when an obnoxious eight-year-old boy spends hours in the lobby while his parents are nowhere to be found. And Courtney meets a guy who works for the President.


Mavis Rae
Whoopi Goldberg
Wren T. Brown
Omid Djalili
Elizabeth Regen

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