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Episode #118 "The Squatter"


When Mavis bought the hotel, she inherited Diana Trumbore, a striking but extremely eccentric eighty-year-old as part of the deal. Legally Diana can stay as long as she wants, but her antics-blasting her TV at 3:00 am, drying her laundry in the oven of the hotel's kitchen, sunbathing nude on the hotel roof-are driving Mavis nuts. Mavis and Courtney corner Diana's niece Brynn on her way to visit her aunt and tell her about Diana's flooding her bathtub. Courtney says that her grandmother has been slipping. They brought in a social worker who affirmed that Diana needs to live somewhere where she can be taken care of, but they need a relative to sign the papers. Her gram is a hazard and is scaring off the hotel guests, Mavis tells Brynn. Besides, if she keeps setting things on fire, there could be lawsuits which could deplete Brynn's inheritance, Courtney adds. Brynn signs the papers. Later that day, suitcases packed, Diana, accompanied by a social worker, leaves the hotel. Still later that day, Mavis and Nasim go to Colonial Gardens to take Diana the rest of her things. The place is sterile and antiseptic. Diana is convinced that Mavis sent her there to die. The nurse tells them that Diana has had no rest. She's been bickering with her roommate. Mavis, who thought Diana would have a private room, is surprised to learn that Diana isn't rich. In fact, all she has is Social Security and Medicare. Mavis is upset when she observes that the nursing care leaves a lot to be desired. As they leave, Diana observes that Mavis will be old someday, and someone will be signing a paper to have her shipped off. Back at the hotel, Mavis is surprised to find that Brynn is throwing a loud party in her Gran's room. Under the rent control law, she has cooupancy, because she immediate family, received mail here and spent the night occasionally. Mavis can take her to court if she wants. Later, Mavis tells Sophia that she can't sleep thinking about Diana. Someday they'll wake up and realize that all the good times are behind them. The next night, Mavis is in Diana's room trying to get her to wake up. Mavis is going to bust her out. Diana needs a drink. They'll drink on the subway, says Mavis. At the hotel, Mavis takes Diana to her room and tells Brynn she's being kicked out. Mavis is adopting Brynn's gran, so everything will be legal.

When an elderly tenant at the hotel becomes a safety hazard and drives Mavis and Courtney crazy as well, they take steps to move her to an assisted living facility.


Mavis Rae
Whoopi Goldberg
Wren T. Brown
Omid Djalili
Elizabeth Regen

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