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Episode #119 "Identity Crisis"


When Mavis tries to pick up the breakfast tab at Sophia's place for the gang at the hotel, her credit card is declined. She tries to get money from the ATM and is told she has insufficient funds. Later that day at the bank, Janice, a bank employee, tells Mavis that her account is empty and she's maxxed out on her personal line of credit. Mavis says that can't be possible. Janice observes that someone may have stolen Mavis's identity and used it to open accounts in her name. It's a serious problem, and it happens all the time. Janice will check into it, but Mavis should notify Social Security, the DMV and all the other places where she has accounts. Mavis is in big trouble with checks bouncing left and right. She accuses Rita of stealing her identity. Rita has always wanted to be black. Courtney is looking at Mavis's credit card bills. There are lots of charges that she didn't make. In some unopened mail, Courtney even finds a payment book for a Jaguar. Mavis is down to her last seven dollars and is on the defensive. Courtney and Rita think it's her fault, says Mavis, because she failed to shred her documents. Mavis reminds Nasim that she's the victim here. Mavis is especially testy, because she's running out of alcohol. Rita offers her a loan, but Mavis refuses. Everyone's offering Mavis stuff, but she doesn't want anyone's pity. That evening, the poker club has convened, and Danielle asks how Mavis got her identity stolen. All they need is your Social Security number, and you're gone, Mavis tells her. Her friends let her win at poker, but Mavis catches on and reminds them that she doesn't want charity. The next day, Nasim reads an article about a man named Mavis Rae who was killed in a para-sailing accident off the coast of North Carolina. Janice at the bank later tells Mavis she's glad the y were able to work things out. The bank didn't work anything out. God did what the bank people couldn't.

When Mavis discovers that her credit cards are maxxed out and bank account is empty, it becomes clear that someone has stolen her identity.

Mavis Rae
Whoopi Goldberg
Wren T. Brown
Omid Djalili
Elizabeth Regen

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