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Episode #120 "Don't Hide Love"


Mavis's cousin Cassandra comes into the hotel and tells Mavis she's getting married on Saturday. There was a scheduling problem at the church, so she'd like to get married at the Lamont. Mavis asks about the groom, and Cassandra introduces her to Bobbi, a woman. Mavis is taken aback, but Cassandra doesn't get it. Mavis knows she's gay. Mavis says she didn't know and is uncomfortable and a little defensive when Cassandra calls her on it. She has always supported gay rights, but she needs a little time to think about this marriage thing. If they have the ceremony at the hotel, they have to invite her, says Mavis. And there will be chicken. Courtney and Rita come in, and Courtney hugs Cassandra. Mavis is surprised when she finds out that Courtney has known for a long time that Cassandra is gay. Rita offers to get the couple some satin bustiers, but Mavis reminds her that they're lesbians, not gay men. Courtney asks to speak to Mavis in the kitchen when he learns that the wedding will be Saturday at the hotel. That's the day he's hosting the Republican Inclusion Coalition for a Bush re-election party. Gays and Republicans don't mix. Mavis needles him. Why not? it will be like a rumble between the Jets and the Sharks, but only one side will be dancing. The hotel is big enough for both groups; free enterprise does not discriminate. Courtney takes Cassandra aside and asks her to postpone the wedding. She says it's impossible to reschedule. He's having a party at the hotel that night and it might be uncomfortable. The fact of the matter is that he's a Republican. Cassandra is shocked. Does Mavis know? His party is for Bush's re-election. That does it! Courtney wants her to postpone her wedding so he can help re-elect a man who denies Americans their basic civil rights? It would help, says Courtney. Later, Cassandra berates Mavis for allowing a Republican function to be held at her hotel. Mavis isn't in business to turn people away. She can accommodate both groups in two separate rooms. Neither Cassandra nor Courtney likes the arrangement, but that's how it's going to be. That night, the poker group gets together. They air their views on gay marriage, and they're all over the spectrum. Rita says that there were gay couples at her prom, and a guy was even elected prom queen. She was pissed at first, but coming in second isn't bad. Mavis asks who thinks that "Don't Hide Love" is a gay anthem. Rita sings a couple of lines. Any more questions? On Saturday, the guests are arriving and Nasim and Jadwiga are directing them to their respective events. Some of the Republicans are offended when the hear about the lesbian wedding. Demetrius complains to Mavis who reminds him that she, among others, is offended by the Bush administration. Kathy, another Republican, comes up to ask about the lesbian wedding. Bobbi and Cassandra enter just as Demetrius is asking Courtney if he's a party to this heresy. Cassandra overhears and is furious. Courtney tries to reassure Demetrius that since gay marriage isn't legal, this is mere political theatre. Spoken like a true Republican, says Cassandra. Chris, one of the wedding guests, steps forward and says that he's a Republican. A black and gay Republican, says Mavis. He's getting it from all sides. Insults start flying from both groups. Cassandra's upset with Mavis. It's her wedding day. How could Mavis let these terrible people into her hotel? It's the real world, says Mavis. Cassandra has had it. Forget the wedding; they're going home. Cassandra thought that on her wedding day she'd be surrounded by people who supported them. Mavis tries to bring her back to reality. Cassandra had better get used to this, because the idea of gay marriage makes these Republicans and a lot of other people crazy. If Cassandra loves Bobbi, says Mavis, she needs to get out there and marry the woman. The wedding goes on, and Mavis, backed by the Gay Men's Choir, sings "Don't Hide Love."

Sparks fly when Mavis schedules a Bush re-election party and a lesbian wedding at the hotel on the same day.


Mavis Rae
Whoopi Goldberg
Wren T. Brown
Omid Djalili
Elizabeth Regen

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