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Episode #121 "Strange Bedfellows"


Nasim gets a date through an agency, and Mavis can't believe he'd waste his money on a dating service. Courtney buys Rita a power suit to wear at that night's campaign meeting. Rita wonders if Courtney's worried that she won't fit in. Courtney says it's just that the group is extremely conservative. Mavis thinks Rita will look ridiculous in the outfit, but Rita assures Mavis that she'll make it pop. That night, Nasim introduces his date to Mavis. Olenka is a Polish woman who resembles Jadwiga. Jadwiga enters, and the two women stare at each other and then begin exchanging barbs. In an aside to Nasim, Mavis observes that Olenka reminds her a lot of Jadwiga. Nasim says that's nonsense. They couldn't be more different. Like Zsa Zsa and Eva, says Mavis. Exactly! Olenka and Nasim exit, and Rita enters in the suit that she's "Ritafied" into a short skirt and jacket over nothing. Mavis makes a few additional adjustments and sends Rita into the bar. Rita makes her entrance, and Courtney asks what she did to her outfit. Stan, Courtney's boss on the Bush campaign, is talking with Courtney about new ways to reach the young voters. Rita joins the conversation, and Stan finds her fascinating. He loves the ideas she contributes. He asks Courtney where he found this treasure. Rita has native intelligence that's missing in this campaign. Stan tells Courtney he'd like to take Rita to the focus groups in Miami the next day. She'll help connect with the young voters. Too bad Courtney can't go as well, but he'll be busy pamphleteering in Harlem. They'll go in Stan's Gulfstream IV. Courtney beams proudly when Stan says he sees Courtney and Rita as the new power couple. Nasim and Olenka are at a Polish restaurant, and their date is going very well. But after a passionate kiss, Nasim pulls back and sees-Jadwiga. He runs out of the restaurant. When Mavis finds out about Rita's trip with Stan, she wants to know if Courtney's okay with it. She's cynical about Stan's intentions, but Rita assures her that Courtney isn't worried. Mavis tells her poker group that Courtney is clueless. Later, Nasim accuses Mavis of corrupting his mind. On his date with Olenka, all her could see was Jadwiga. Mavis says that anyone can see what's going on with him and Jadwiga. Nasim protests that Jadwiga has a husband. he left her years ago, says Mavis. Rita is getting ready to leave for Miami when Mavis takes Courtney aside. Rita's getting on a man's jet without him. Then they'll be by the pool in Miami… Stan comes in to say goodbye to Courtney. Rita will be back in a couple of days. Tomorrow, says Courtney. When Courtney asks Stan for more details about the trip, Stan asks him if he's Rita's daddy. Courtney smacks Stan in the face, and he goes down. Mavis asks Stan if this will affect Courtney's job. When he says no, Mavis hits him too. Later, Nasim tells Jadwiga that it's over with Olenka. They trade insults, their eyes lock and they kiss. Nasim goes out with Olenka, a Polish woman, who, Mavis tells him, is the spitting image of Jadwiga. And Mavis is cynical about the intentions of Courtney's boss on the Bush campaign who wants to fly Rita to Miami in his private jet without Courtney.


Mavis Rae
Whoopi Goldberg
Wren T. Brown
Omid Djalili
Elizabeth Regen

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