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Episode #122 "Sins Of The Sister"


Mavis immediately senses that Nasim and Jadwiga have become an item, even though they deny it. Do it in my hotel, says Mavis, and you're fired. Courtney tells Mavis that the party wants him to run for state assembly. He'll be running against Martin James, an old friend of Mavis. Now Courtney's a token for his party and his race, observes Mavis. Courtney hopes he can count on support from Mavis. Later that morning, Rita tells Courtney that she's seen Martin James' website, and he's calling Courtney a carpetbagger. it also mentions that Courtney lives in a seedy hotel. Let me handle this, says Mavis. Mavis walks through the bar and sees Nasim and Jadwiga about to embrace. She gives them a look, and they break apart. Mavis runs into Martin James in Sophia's diner. She tells him that she doesn't want him dogging her on his website. Martin promises to deal with this. They continue talking, and Mavis mentions that Courtney worked for Enron, but she sold her shares before it all turned to crap. Mavis exits, and James tells staffers to get rid of the stuff on the website. He has something much better. Courtney worked for Enron, and his sister made money. Later, Mavis comes into the lobby to find Courtney and Rita with federal agents who have come with a search warrant. They're looking for evidence that Courtney and Mavis conspired to commit insider trading while Courtney was at Enron. When Courtney hears that Mavis talked to his competitor, he accuses her of trying to sabotage his campaign. Outside the hotel, James is holding a press conference. Courtney steps up to the microphone and protests that he was completely out of the loop at Enron. He knew nothing! In the kitchen later that night, the poker group has convened. Courtney comes in with news stories from the press conference. The Post calls him a scoundrel with a hot girlfriend. Mavis is in Sophia's diner later that night. The place is almost empty. James enters and comes over to where Mavis is sitting. She tells him that Courtney wants to drop out of the race. She's surprised at what has happened, because she remembers James as one of the good guys. James says it's nothing personal. Mavis recalls some of the wild times they had together in the eighties. Mavis threatens to reveal that they used to do coke. Her word against his, says James. Maybe she kept a photo. She's bluffing, says James. If a former diva tells The Post they had some wild times in the eighties, she'll be believed. Mavis hands him some Polaroids, and he agrees to call off the dogs. Courtney runs for state assembly, and when his opponent, an old friend of Mavis, decides to play dirty, Mavis shows him she can play dirty too.


Mavis Rae
Whoopi Goldberg
Wren T. Brown
Omid Djalili
Elizabeth Regen

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